LCD Monitor fault

By westie2 ·
On switch on I get a blue thin vertical line, about 1/3 in from the left hand side.
Can you help?

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Check your connections.

by seanferd In reply to LCD Monitor fault

Make sure all the cables are fitted snugly.

You can also disconnect the cables to make sure no pins were bent.

Otherwise, it is likely a loose connection inside the monitor itself. Does anything change if you tap the monitor (not on the screen)? If this is the case, it needs to be replaced or repaired.

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Blue vertical line on LCD Monitor

by westie2 In reply to Check your connections.

Hi, yes I have checked the connections, also tapped the monitor with no effect. The problem could be a dry join, because if the monitor is not used for a long time it comes on ok. the only problem I have is how to get into tne monitor, it's a Packard Bell.FT500.

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Well, someone might know.

by seanferd In reply to Blue vertical line on LCD ...

But you may simply need to refer to manuals, which are likely not publicly available. Or you may simply have to wing it. Successfully disassembling, finding the fault, repairing, and reassembling is going to be an adventure. Good luck.

Perhaps edit your original post title to indicate you want help with LCD monitor disassembly. You'll attract the folks who do that sort of thing more directly that way.

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Not easy to fix

by Choppit In reply to LCD Monitor fault

Sounds like one of that tabs has separated fron the ITO (similar effect to a dry joint but much more difficult to fix). You may be able to temporarily fix it by applying pressure (on the tab) in the right place but long term I suspect it'll just get worse.

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lcd back light is ok but display is very week, only seen from a side angle

by surkhab In reply to LCD Monitor fault

lcd back light is ok but display is very week, only seen from a side angle. this problum is from which section , how fix it . model is AG Neovo F-417.

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Please start your own thread

by robo_dev In reply to LCD Monitor fault

If your backlight is OK, but your screen looks washed out, the first thing to do is reset the controls in case user has adjusted contrast or brightness.

If the image is undistorted, then the LCD driver circuits are typically OK. I would look closely at the power filtering components on the main circuit board, specifically any filter capacitors.

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