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LCD problem

By titeo ·
Hello, I got a DELL E153FP LCD display brand new a year ago which has been working fine until lately after I turned it off and unplugged it to add a memory module in my computer. When I reconnected and turned power on, the screen lit up for 3 seconds and turned black. I repeated powered on and off for dozen times but failed to keep it stayed display. When I removed the VGA cable from my video card and turned it back on I see the floating Self Test Feature Check Box on black background displayed for 3 seconds and black out. When I turned power off and turned power on it lighted up for about 3 seconds and back to black screen again while the power light stayed green. I tried to perform the factory reset but it still has that problem. I changed the power cord and then the VGA cable but it still did not work. Anyone has any idea? Please help. I greatly appreciate your suggestion.

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What happens when you remove

by w2ktechman In reply to LCD problem

the memory module?
It does not sound like the monitor, but the system does not like that chip.

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Already removed

by titeo In reply to What happens when you rem ...

I already removed the added memory module and stayed on one original memory module and none other add on component, just the CPU and the monitor itself but I could not make it stay up.

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Does the monitor work on another system?

by w2ktechman In reply to Already removed

This should surely test the monitor itself for fault.

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either fried or incompatible

by Dr Dij In reply to Does the monitor work on ...

I put at old 21" monitor onto my PC and PC wouldn't boot. Turns out some kind of flaw with the monitor drew too much power from the VGA card keeping PC from booting.

Not just not displaying but not booting. PC booted fine with other monitors. A different vga card worked, and the monitor worked on other PC.

In this case, it sounds like it just happend to **** out at powerup, which is a prime time that electronic gear fails. It actually had nothing to do with the memory stick but the fact that you turned it off to put the memory stick in.

Of course verify as others said by trying on dift PC or laptop vga out.

if it works on other PC then you blew the VGA card at that time instead.

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No work on other systems

by titeo In reply to either fried or incompati ...

I tried it on other computers, it has the same problem. So look like the monitor has some kind of flaw?

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