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LCD problems

By dwgwinn ·
I recently had to replace the LCD in my Dell Inspiron 8100. The problem I am having is that the screen will light at startup maybe 10% of the time. I have to continually hit FN F8 to switch between crt/lcd and/or reboot several times until the screen lights. I have checked all the cable connections and it seems to be connected properly. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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by house In reply to LCD problems

You checked the "hinge" cable that attaches the lcd to the bottom part of the laptop? Inspirons are know to have this issue. When you open and close the laptop, the cable is under stress. It does come loose on these Dells.

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by house In reply to

There are certain things that I would mention, but the fact that it does work sometimes by hammering on the keyboard throws me off a little.

Usually I would figure that it was power to the video, refresh rates to high, etc. It sounds like the LCD is pooched. It is most definitely a physical problem.

I had a buddy who used to slap his Inspiron's LCD till it came back on. Eventually it just died and was quoted almost $1000 for dell to replace it.

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by dwgwinn In reply to LCD problems

I have checked all the connections and still get the same problem. Every time I boot up or I run a program that changes the resolution, the screen goes dark like the backlight is out. The only reliable fixes to the problem is if I unplug the monitor from the Nvidia Geforce2 Go video card or press FN F8 for about 20 minutes, then the screen lights up. Could the video card be bad(I doubt this as at the time of this post the screen is lit and device manager says that the device is working properly), or is it some sort of conflict with the drivers/directX? I have the most recent drivers from Nvidia installed and DirectX 9.0c. Any thoughts?

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by msmac67 In reply to LCD problems

Do you have an extra working monitor that you can connect to the laptop? This will test the video card. If there is no problem with the monitor display, the problem is LCD.

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by dwgwinn In reply to LCD problems

Before I replaced the LCD I had it hooked up to an old CRT I had laying around the house. It worked fine on the CRT. I would hook it up to an external monitor, but I am currently deployed in Afghanistan and external monitors are hard to come by. When I contacted Dell to originally repair the broken LCD they quoted me $700 for parts and $500 for labor. If I unplug the LCD from the Geforce2 Go card, I can get the screen to light up immediately, of course I have to partially disassemble the computer to access the card. Since the card seems to work every time I unplug/plug it back in, I am wondering if the problem might be BIOS or driver related?

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