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Lcd Screen turns white

By davesaudiovideo1 ·
Iam a computer servicer with the following problem.I have a Hewlett Packard Notebook computer model Pavillion N5420 in shop with the following problem.
Power the system on & open the lcd screen to view it & at approx 2 - 6 inchs open normal screen can be seen,open screen to normal viewing and screen turns bright white.Unable to seen any thing on screen until you almost close it.adjusting brightness & contrast controls have no effect.I suspect cabling from lcd screen to computer is bad. Hp tech support was no help.Please help me.

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by mjd420nova In reply to Lcd Screen turns white

Check the little board either mounted near one of the hinges that hold the display, or behind the bezel on the display. It controls the intensity and contrast, has a ribbon cable that
should plug into the display or backlight.
The flexible printed trace may have come
loose or unplugged. The little board may also
have a fuse on it and frequent failures were
from constant flexing of the laminated traces
used in place of cables. Traces burn thru
and melt traces together.

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white screen

by byrnes_jm In reply to Lcd Screen turns white

I have an HP also (a dv5224nr) but I have a
6 1/2 yr old Dell Inspiron 5000 that had the same problem. I would open the book, power it on and the screen sometimes turned white before the boot process had completed. At first, all I got was a screen streaked with really pale color then all went white after about 20 minutes of operation. I ran diagnostics - no problem. I thought it was the cable so I disassembled the machine to verify and pulled and re-inserted the cable - no problem there, symptom persisted. I thought it was heat - no problem there since the machine did it while still relatively cool. It was not the GPU or inverter since those would cause it to do it all the time. In your case, it sounds like it might be the LCD cable, but does the screen come back to normal if you leave the machine open and reboot? Will it come back if you suspend and re-awaken the machine? Sometimes from opening and closing the machine, the little conector pins recede into the plastic connector and you have to take the cable off to correct it by bending them a bit so they can't do that so easily. If the screen comes back to normal when you leave the machine open and re-boot or suspend it then re-awaken it, you should suspect a corrupt driver. This is what happened to me. I tore my hair out over the problem, even re-installing the ATI video driver 3 time to no avail. The problem? A hard drive that was so badly fragmented that the driver was corrupted no matter how many times I re-installed it!!! I de-fragged 4 times in a row and the problem disappeared. Try the simple stuff first before taking the machine apart. I know that sounds obvious, but I forgot that little piece of wisdom and wasted much time and effort. The first procedure if your problem is not with hardware is to defrag at least 3 times. That's the first and simplest method to try to repair a corrupt driver. Also try attaching the laptop to a good external monitor to see whether or not the video card is going to lunch. Good luck !!

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I know

by donaldpratt In reply to Lcd Screen turns white

i am having a similar problem. i have a widescreen hp pavillion dv8000 and i called hp and service techs. I also came to the conlusion it was my wiring. but then i realized when i bent it in just the right place it came back in view. when i asked the computer repair company about this, they had suggested that my lcd screen was damaged and the screen itself would have to be replaced. so im currently in the market for one. maybe thats the must of your luck

P.S. HP wanted 799 to fix my computer!

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by cyberbiker In reply to Lcd Screen turns white

Recently started having the same problem with my HP Special Edition L2000 laptop running XP Home SP2. It occures at various times when the laptop goes into high gear and the fan comes on, for example, when I try to do a backup to my external drive or when svchost.exe takes control and begins some routine (as indicated by the Task Manager). It also occurs every time I let my laptop sit long enough to exceed the "Turn off hard disk" setting in the Power Options control panel.

If the monitor turns off first (based on my power settings) it remains off and freezes with the fan running on high. If the monitor is not off, the fan comes on and after 3 or 4 minutes the screen begins to slowly fade to white over a 45 second period.

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by titish In reply to Lcd Screen turns white

Hello to everyone
I have almost the same problem but maybe worst. I had conected my laptop to my lcd tv to watch some videos when suddenly my little 4 yrs old son touched something and from that moment the pavilion dv7-2150ez monitor turned white and it remained white. In country where i live there is no hp service point. I checked with some services in our country but they had no clue. I tried to fix it but no chance . Anyone had the same problem. If yes please help me on what to do with it
Laptop cost me a full 1100 euro two years ago.

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