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    LCD USB port


    by farshady_pk ·

    I have a dell LCD and its USB port does not detect my usb flash disk. the LCD was working fine but after shifting it to new place it is not working. some body has done something wrong. the port is fine too but let me know why it is not detecting any object.

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      by bfilmfan ·

      In reply to LCD USB port

      The LCD is correctly displaying graphics? Or it is not functioning correctly at all?

      Check the connections from the monitor to the system.

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      by glyall ·

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      does your usb flash disk work in other usb ports on the same PC?
      How you checked on another PC?

      I have heard that USB flash disk can go bad if next to a Cell phone the is set to vibrate.

      I have use my USB flash disk on 6 different ports on a PC (several PCs for coping files to and from))and on the USB keyboards that have 2 USB post and have had no problem.

      Have you check the LCD on a different PC?

      Good Luck

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      by thechas ·

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      Just a silly thought, does your monitor require 2 connections to your PC.

      1 for the video and another for the USB port?

      You might just be missing the USB cable or connection since the move.


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      by yornthadude ·

      In reply to LCD USB port

      lol chas, problably the right answer since it aint rated. hihih

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