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    by yp ·

    How do i make a Windows 2000 domain controller a Ldap Server?
    step by step procedure if possible

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      by bfilmfan ·

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      Windows 2000 already has LDAP on it for Active Directory.

      Your answer is to set up Active Directory.

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        by yp ·

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      by azizhakim ·

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      Answer is correct,although did not elaborate.As you already know LDAP is the protocol Active Dir uses to communicate to the directory database(ntds.dit).When you use adsi,ado you are using ldap to access the ldap server which happens to be the DC.To use ldap to access the directory server,install Support tools from 2000 server cd,Start /Run/type ldap and you connect to the DSA(directory Server agent),Connect to domain and there you can view,manipulate the data.Also run netstat -p TCP from command prompt & stats show your server listening to ldap requests which shows your server is an ldap server.Hope this clears the issue and helps.

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