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Learn what skills a government CIO needs

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Do you agree with Ramon Padilla Jr. that the government CIO position differs from the private sector CIO? What other specific skills do you think a government CIO needs to have? Share your comments about the role of government CIOs, as featured in this week's Government IT e-newsletter.

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Other aspects of government CIO

by skeeter60 In reply to Learn what skills a gover ...

I agree with what Ramon Padilla Jr. says, however there are a few other items that should be mentioned. The pay of IT positions in the public sector isn't near what it is in the private, but with that, in most cases, the work hours and benefits arebetter. Most government IT jobs don't require long work hours. With flex hours, we work 8 hours 5 days a week or 10 hour days for 4 days a week and no weekends required (in most places), which means less stress. There are some IT departments thatwork more, but I believe that is more of a personal desire (or arrogance on their part). Health benefits are usually better too.

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Easy to be a superstar

by rsfuller2007 In reply to Learn what skills a gover ...

I have worked in the government arena at two major sites for nearly 20 years in technology roles and now as an IT manager. One does not have to be the most skilled tech to shine, but have strong work ethics and be a consistent producer. It is so difficult to get rid of poor employees that some will take advantage of the system and learn what they can get away with and get by with to stay employed. I have a huge book of documentation on one of my employees and I cannot trust him with our network systems. His behavior, lack of skills, and poor work ethics are all in black and white. Yet upper management is so afraid of going to court that he was given yet another chance. So he is on his last notice and just sitting writing documentation. However, I have spent hours getting just to this point.

On the other hand, I have received numerous rewards and honors - just for doing my job.

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Great Article !

by cgrau In reply to Learn what skills a gover ...

I agree with everything that was said. One issue I'd like to help with is the bid process. If we have a vendor that is on a State Contract Agreement, we are able to make purchases beyond the bid limit without having to go out for bids. It's very helpful in a time crunch and also to be able to use a vendor you trust.

R. Todd Tichnor
IT Manager

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Great Article and Timely!!!

by rourkejj In reply to Learn what skills a gover ...

I found the article very enlightening. I have been in IT management for the last 13 years in the private sector, but am going into round 2 interviews for a Director of Information Services position at a county level.

I'm sure that the employee relations will be a challenge (it is a Union shop), but the ability to give back to the community must also be rewarding.

Thanks for the insight.

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Excellent, nicely put, great persective

by ShortArmOfJustice In reply to Learn what skills a gover ...

I've served private sector in local programming staff, national database administrator, global systems tech, and consultant. Currently a County Jack-of-all-trades in IT. This is a different breed. With the changing technology, interesting client base, politics, security and available is the most challenging and rewarding (even if only personally).

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Great Article - want/need advice

by Trace123 In reply to Learn what skills a gover ...

I have been working in a public agency for 2 years as a project manager of information management initiatives. Prior to this position, I worked for software companies for 15+ years in pre and post sales roles. I agree with what Ramon Padilla Jr. states in his article. I would like advice on best ways to navigate these issues - lack of committment and performance, political posturing, funding bias because of IT reporting structures, etc.

My advice to others: 1.)Adjust team members based on needs (work ethic, cooperation, and motivation are more important than technical expertise sometimes.) 2.)Find a financial sponsor in a business area 3.) Find a management sponsor for future projects and to neutralize political posturing.

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This is my first time for me become your

by focus_havay In reply to Learn what skills a gover ...

Dear Sir/Madam

This is the first time that I become your member and received newsletter from you.
CIO is new for me to know that, I think it good information to help me.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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