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By uhuru4 ·
I want to get into programing for the very beginners and I do mean beginner. Can anyone tell me how to learn this stuff, what books to get and what computer I should learn on. should I try to build a simple 386? I am not interested in going to school for it. I am already in school for a masters in IT.

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by Jaqui In reply to learning

sams has good books on most languages.
the for dummies series is also a good starting point.

specific os for developing on, to pick the correct set.
( sams teach yourself c in 24 hours, with linux programming in 24 hours )
to get a foundation for linux programming with c

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by uhuru4 In reply to
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by Oz_Media In reply to learning

AN easy programming language to learn that is just as robust but far easier and more logiocal then C++ is Python. It's free, Guido Van Rossum's (sp?) online guide is phenominal.

Once you learn this, if you CHOOSE to learn C++ afterwards (though Python jobs pay more and take far less time)it's just a matter of learning how to write more redundant (messy) code.

But Python and more importantly writing Python 'modules' will get you far. python.org

I know a few guys that are paid immense amount of money now because they jumped on a Python wagon abut 6 years ago and now they are hired for high paying contracts securing banking systems online ecryption and Public Key Infrastructures. It pays more because it is simpler to write, has less room for error and is easy to debug, while offering greater security than the same module written in C++.

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by Oz_Media In reply to

Oh as far as a system, you canrun Python on just about any old box.

I setup and email acanner and custom antispam system for a 125 user mail server on a 486. The mail is processed SO fast that you barely notice any lag at all in delivery and it is being scanned outside of the mail server.

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by uhuru4 In reply to

Thanks a great deal and I will go with learning python thanks again

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by uhuru4 In reply to learning

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