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Hello all,

First of all, let me just heartly thank anyone who wants to take some time and answer my question.

So, i'm your average early-thirties-unsatisfied-with-his-career guy. I have an university degree in Engineering but I'm deeply bored with what I do and with no job change prospects. And my work has nothing to do with IT.

Over the past months I have been taking programming as an hobby, using MIT OCW courses and I developed a taste for it. Naturally I've been thinking 'what if'?

I have been searching and for entry-level positions, it seems that you would need an IT degree or quite some field experience. The first being always a plus.

Apart from an IT degree (which I could do, but well... no income for the next 2-3 years) all the other hard training that I have searched targets IT professionals only, such as Cisco and Microsoft certifications, for example.

It seems that there aren't any programs designed for people who what to work in this field, coming from the outside world. Taking advantage of unemployment, big firms like SAP, will soon start training people with my profile, but I don't think they will do more than a quick reconversion programme, mostly focused on sales.

What would be your advice based on my profile?

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The question you need to answer

by NickNielsen In reply to Learning IT

Why are you bored with your work? Is it the work itself? The area you are working in? Is it not challenging enough? Would you find it more interesting to be doing the same thing in a different place?

Although your job may have "nothing to do with IT", IT probably has much to do with your job. Could you use the programming skills you are learning to make your job more interesting, more efficient, or easier?

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