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Learning: Network Traffic Analysis

By tacohell ·
Our company have asked me to get some formal training on network traffic analysis.

They established that will not buy an expensive packet filtering.

I am having trouble trying to figure out what do I look for as far as training.

I found some training available, using specific tools, (which my company do not want me to do), they want me to look into a generic training, that will allow me to understand and read packets and network protocols.

I really do not have much knowledge on thissubject, any ideas anybody?
is linux the answer? I still have to get trained somewhere in Florida.

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Sounds to me like

by radiic In reply to Learning: Network Traffic ...

Sounds like your company doesnt want to pay alot for it. Gee where have I heard that one before If you can get them to part with 50$ go buy RedHat 7.1 or whatever distro you prefer, get any spare box you got laying around and load it up. Then visit and start there. Read every thing you can. TCPDUMP is your friend.
It realy is a NIDS but you can dump packet info to the log file and see whats going on. YUM.

You will save your company the cost of going to some expensive class if they are willing to give you the time to play with it. Just remember to use to search for your answers to questions you have. I dont know what i would do without that tool.

Good Luck

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Networking training

by In reply to Learning: Network Traffic ...

I think ur company is focused on Network Analyses, for that u need to know few following topics in detail :
1. Types of Networks ( Ether , ATM, Frame Relay)
2. Topologies and Comunication medium.
3. Top 10 Important Protocol stacks.
4. TCP/IP is most important Dig it to abys..
5. Packet Header and use ful informations provided by them

No linux is second option, better go for it if uneed to implement, for sake of learning don't stick to single rpoducts there r 100's of product, only u have to do is Explore and Learn.

Good luck
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