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    leased line connection using Windows NT


    by haissam ·

    I’ve closed this thread by mistake.
    I’m trying to setup a leased line connection between two NT workstations. I’ve used Dial-up networking with a ‘PC to PC direct connection’ modem. The problem is that I can’t find where to instruct win NT that this is a permanant connection and it shouldn’t dial a phone number. I found out somewhere taht I should check the ‘persistant connection’ checkbox but I can’t find it anywhere. I’d appreciate any comments or advise that you can offer.

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      leased line connection using Windows NT

      by guy ·

      In reply to leased line connection using Windows NT

      The PC to PC direct connection is only used if the machines are in the same room.

      So you will need a “real” modem on the machines at each end of the phone lines.

      When you configure the modems, and the telephony settings it will work perfectly. Good luck

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      leased line connection using Windows NT

      by steve cody ·

      In reply to leased line connection using Windows NT

      The persistent connection option is in the Routing and Remote Access Admin configuration for your dialup connection. You only use this if you are using modems to connect the PC’s. You said you have a leased line. If it is a permanent connection and no number should be dialed, then you don’t use “Dial up networking” or RAS. As stated in a previous post, both computers should have their own IP address. If you have routers at each end of the leased line, then on each PC you set the default gateway to be the router at it’s location.

      It sounds like you need to provide more information about the leased line to get answers that will work. Feel free to email if you want to explain it better.

      Steve Cody, MCSE

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      leased line connection using Windows NT

      by redshift ·

      In reply to leased line connection using Windows NT

      Modems are useless in this situation (at least as we currently think of them) – what you have is a dry pair of wires without a dial tone. This IS adirect PC to PC connection, it’s just got a LOT of room in between.

      What you’ll use is RS-485 or RS-232 communications (whichever is best suited to the distance and price) through the serial ports, which will be convinced that this is a simple direct-connect.

      Get in touch with Black Box corporation (724-746-5500 is their free tech support line) they’ll get you more info. Remember you don’t need to buy anything from them to get tech support, but they are a great one-stop shop.

      I am in no way a representative or affiliate of Black Box Corporation.

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