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Leased Line Connectivity

By Phil02 ·

I have a leased line provided to me by my external ISP and a a safe@office 225 firewall. Users are constantly complaining about dropped connections. I am unsure where to start troubleshooting this. I will ask the ISP to test our line. But are there any tools i can use to test/check this?


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by dawgit In reply to Leased Line Connectivity

Doesn't the 'safe@office 225 firewall' come with soft-ware? You should be able to log into your apperatise, and check it's LOG of events, connections, troubles ect. It should also tell you the computers connected, and times. (time loged in and total time) That's a standard manager / management tool. Also try a simple 'Ping' to the ISP, both before the firewall, and then through the firewall. Than you'll have an idea if it's a firewall setting. Also, you may need to tweek the allowed band-width on the firewall, and at the ISP also. (too many computers at the same time, or too much load) You may have to go back to the concept of 'Time-sharing' if your ISP has it limited.

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by cliff680 In reply to Leased Line Connectivity

The first thing I would do is have your ISP check the line. I would imagine that you have some sort of router that is from the ISP connecting to your firewall. I would connect a laptop directly to this router (assuming you have more than one port) and config it to go to the internet, then ping -t and watch to see if your responses come and go. This would tell you that it is the router or the line and not your firewall.

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by Phil02 In reply to Leased Line Connectivity

I do have management software on the firewall, to be honest I am not sure what it is telling me - firewalls were managed by someone who left and wasn't replaced. What I have noticed is that we have 3 VPN site to site connections and they go down and up at the same time (or appear to) The logs read
"Closed VPN Tunnel with x.x.x.x"
VPN Tunnel established with x.x.x.x for each site.
There is also a few "Failed to establish VPN Tunnel with x.x.x.x: no response from peer"

I have pinged within the firewall and behind the firewall and i am getting responses. I also increased the ping buffer and that worked fine.

I am waiting for a response from the ISP about latency, contention ratio etc.
Not sure where I can tweek bandwidth on the firewall - I will explore the management interface to see if there is a setting to do this.

The router is a managed router so there are limits there. I was looking for a tool similar to MCI highlighter, i used this in another job and was useful for dropped connections and bandwidth usage. Does anyone know of a possible tool?

I am waiting for the ISP to get back to me about latency and contention.

Thanks for the responses.

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by wellmax1.maxwell In reply to Leased Line Connectivity

you need to check the internet connection speed to ensure you are getting what you paid, also to ensure ensure speed is coming through.

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by daniella.manarin In reply to Leased Line Connectivity

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