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leased line, ISDN & ADSL

By soo.juan.tan ·
ogt any idea about the difference of the above three different access methods?

what about comoutation of the acceptable downtime, eg 99.99%

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Leased line, ISDN, ADSL

by Kevin.Dorrell In reply to leased line, ISDN & ADSL

It's really horse-for-courses. It depends on what you want out of your connection, and how much you are willing to pay.

If your traffic is only occasional, then ISDN is the correct choice. ISDN is a dialup service, just like a modem line. It is widely available and gives you 64K or 128K bps bandwidth. You can run your telephones on the same line, and some providers allow you several telephone numbers on the one connection. You usually pay a fixed monthly subscription, plus a per-minute charge while the call is connected. Here is Luxembourg, I pay $20 per month, (which includes my telephone connection) plus about 5 cents per minute while I am connected.

If you want continuous access 24/7, then leased-line or ADSL is the choice. ADSL is a newer technology, and can give you several times the bandwidth of ISDN. It is "always connected" so you pay a fixed monthly charge only. It is available only in some countries/areas. The bandwidth tends to vary according to external factors, e.g.interference, line quality etc. I think the going rate here is about $50 per month, plus extra if you pass more than 54 Gbytes per month, but I'm not sure of the exact figures.

Leased-line is the most expensive, but most secure. You can get anything from 64 kbps to 2 Mbps, and beyond. A 64 kbps line here costs $200 per month upwards, depending on where the line goes to. It is "always on".

Downtime? It depends what business you are in, and what is acceptable to your client/company/boss. The more you pay, the more it's worth.

Does that answer you questions?

Kevin Dorrell,

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by ChrisMS In reply to leased line, ISDN & ADSL

As previously mentioned, it depends on what you want to do with it.
ISDN is fine for home users who want 1 phone line to deal with internet connection, phone/fax and other phone related items. There is not much to be benefited from download/uploadand the cost & availability is worth checking with your provider first.
ADSL is a permanent connection, but it is only fast on the download side, fine if you just want a fast internet connection, or if you have a small network that requires 1 connection.
Leased Line is suitable for major WAN's that all share 1 server, internet connection with intranets and inter office E-mail capabilities. Expensive to install, upgradings a ***** if you decide you need more bandwidth, but could be worth it if you get the figures right first time.
With all options, check with your local provider for costs and availability before deciding.

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