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Least favorite support request?

By Gina ·
What is your least favorite support request? Whether you are a Help Desk, Desktop, Network, or Application support analyst, what request do you dread seeing with your name assigned to it?

I am currently doing desktop support and lately I dread those calls described as "my computer occasionally locks up." I guess what I dislike most is the lack of real information the user can provide. The problem is generally not easily reproducible, which makes the trouble-shooting aspect nearly impossible. I like to solve problems and sometimes these problems are not easily solved.

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My computer is slow

by armourbl In reply to Least favorite support re ...

My personal favorite is when the user complains about their computer being slow.

Usually, it turns out they have one of the faster computers in the building, using the same image as myself and many other users. I usually run a disk clean up and tell them that should improve things.

Ocassionally, I see real evidence of a computer system being slow, with now real explanation as to why. Lately we've found that the surge protector is to blame. I know it sounds weird, but simply changing out that 15-year-old surge protector can make a huge difference for some reason. LOL


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You know the guy I'm talkin 'bout

by jkaras In reply to My computer is slow

Compared to the many odd requests ect... nothing, I repeat, nothing bothers me more than that the "obsessive, nerotic informant that evrey office has. I'm talkin bout the one guy who informs you that the printer is running low with ink or it's taking 3 more seconds to print his jobs out that will hinder his effectivness by wasting a total of 1.5 minutes of his day. His eagerness to have you jump out of your seat like it's critical to stop all else and put out his fire alarm, as he looks at you with a confused look like, (gesturing while talking pointing in all directions at once, looking like he's standing on hot coals or something) WHAT ARE WAITING FOR MAN, WE ARE ON THE VERGE OF CHAOS!......sigh sorry for venting, but i feeeeeeel sooo much better now.

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Too funny

by armourbl In reply to You know the guy I'm talk ...


I have one user that calls and talks at 100mph about the simplist problems. 3 words into the conversation I know the solution, but she won't let me get a word. So I'm forced to listen to her rant until she takes a breath or something.

"You know my computer was running fine since you last too a look at it I mean it was running great but maybe I was wrong because now it is slow again just like before its like click and wait click and wait maybe it needs more memory or something my son is a computer tech and he thinks the operating system is corrupted I just don't understand why it is like this sometimes and not other times oh and hows your baby my granddaughter just started the first grade she is so"


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Good time to...

by dinotech In reply to Too funny

read publications, check mail, write a memo. Do other trivial work while the user gabs on. Sometimes there is a mixed blessing in support calls like that -- good practice for multitasking!


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definitely LOL

by eth0 In reply to Too funny

I provide phone support for a software comany. A man called from a payphone in Manhattan, NY concerning our program and his PC, which conveniently was not at the payphone. I explained to him that he would need to be at the PC to help and amongst the traffic sounds and city noise in the background he replied:

'you dont know what its like in manhattan'

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you know this guy too

by heml0ck In reply to Too funny

we've got one user who will call within 3 mins of our proxy going down... did a test with a stop watch to time him... exactly 2:52 after i stopped the proxy he called... who needs automated alerts with users like these?

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Got one of those guys too

by OzBird In reply to you know this guy too

And I love him! He makes me look good, as I am on to server problems quick smart because of him. I don't know what else he does all day, but I know I can rely on him to be monitoring the servers while I get on with other work :-)

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Why does my machine...

by gboydston40 In reply to You know the guy I'm talk ...

Yep, I know that guy, and then he follows this particular crisis with, "Why does it...."

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My Computer is Slow

by vltiii In reply to My computer is slow

You're right that does sound weird. Are you telling me that an old surge protector moves electrons slower than a new one?

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Unkink the line cord

by I Call It As I See It ! In reply to My computer is slow

You miight also check the power cord and be certain there are no kinks in the cord.

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