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Leaving Healthcare for Cyber Security...?

By Loadingcosta ·
Hello everyone,

I'm not really sure how to start this thread other than to start off by saying I am currently working as a paramedic with a Fire Department. At first, before I attained my paramedic my plan/goal was to go to nursing school from a bridge program and achieve my associate's degree in Nursing and then go back to school online to get my Bachelor's in Nursing. After achieving my Bachelor's degree the plan was to do travel nursing since I've always wanted to travel. Well, recently I have been having second thoughts about my career path. Not because I dislike healthcare and the field but because I do not believe my personality matches well for nursing. Majority of the time I am a pretty shy person and it takes me a minute to open up fully to new people and I know the nursing majority of the time requires individuals to be open. Let me give an example. Working as a paramedic you are the ultimate authority on all medical calls majority of the time and sometimes I struggle in that role. Running cardiac arrest's can be a struggle at times not because I do not know what I am doing but rather because in "stressful" situations I can get tunnel vision and sidetrack which I know it's horrible and it's my biggest weakness. In un-stressful situations I'm good. My ultimate fear is becoming too stressed out that I may get tunnel vision and forget a medication dosage or procedure that needs to be done and I end up killing the patient. This has led me to second guess my career choice of becoming a nurse because I am not sure how I can handle the stress of a Trauma patient or Code that comes into the ER and every nurse and doctor running to the room. I may forget or worse fail my colleagues. I love healthcare but I am not sure if loving the field is enough to be a part of it.

This has led me to look for a second option in case I ultimately decide to leave the healthcare field completely. I’ve been reading a lot lately about Cyber Security and how it is a growing field. I’ve read that many companies are looking to hire but not enough people are in the field to fill the slots. I’ve been thinking lately about how amazing it would be to work for Nasa or say a hospital as cybersecurity IT specialist protecting the information of the set place. The only issue is I am not sure how the field works completely. I am looking for any information regarding the field or any other field. What is Cyber Security and how can one get into the field? Is it a good field?

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