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LedZeppelin.com resizing for a browsers

By Kelly ·
I don't know which catagory to put this in...sorry feel free to move it if need be. I used to visit regularly here at the buzz. =o) Its been a while. ANYWAY...How do they do this?? It resizes when you resize the browser, its great! I've also seenit used on photos on purgedi.com....HOW HOW HOW! I think this is truly a designers dream. Or is it a buggy pain...fill me in please I want all the details!!

Kelly Halldorson

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Not the best place for an answer

by Mark W. Kaelin Editor In reply to LedZeppelin.com resizing ...


I appreciate your post, but Builder.com is designed for professional software developers. I suggest you search "HTML Tags" on Google and find your answer there. The resizing you speak of is not difficult to accomplish.

Mark - Senior Editor Builder

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Okay I guess I'm stupid

by Kelly In reply to Not the best place for an ...

I've been doing websites for 8 years now and my HTML prowess by freelance agencies in Boston area and always score extremely high. Its the other areas of web development that I'm less knowledgeable in...like CSS, ASP etc. I also used to visit builder.com regularly before your last revamp...back in the we promise these builder bucks will work soon days. :) So again I'm truly sorry if I've wasted your precious disk space with my stupid question...but aren't we all aloud one stupid, obvious question once in a while. <P>

Also, you know I've asked other builders with much more experience than myself with programming and css but honestly no one has been able to give me the seemingly simple 'how to'.

Last thing if this is so simple why doesn't everyone use it? Why all this discussion on building for a specific browser size when its as simple as this? Forgive me, I just must be an idiot because I just don't get it.


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