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Left CTRL and Function Key switched?

By techrific ·
Howdy all, here it is....

A client has a Dell D600 laptop and I am boggled over the problem it is having.

What has happened is that the functionality of the Left CTRL key and the 'function' key beside it are switched, meaning the left CTRL key does what the 'function' key is suppposed to do, and the 'function' key does what the left CTRL key is supposed to do.

i.e. you have to do a "function key-alt-delete" to bring up the task manager instead of "CTRL-ALT-DELETE" or to use the function commands of the available keys you have to do CTRL F8 to switch the LCD to external display, or CTRL NUM LOCK to turn on the num lock functionality instead of Function key F8 or Function key NUM LOCK etc. etc.

Anyone know what causes this? I have checked the 'keyboard' setup in control panel and the 'accessibility otions' in ccontrol panel as well and can find no abnormality unless I am missing something.

Any help is appreciated!!

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Left CTRL and Function Ke ...

First turn it off and plug in a keyboard and see if it still happens. While not common the controller interfaces can fail and do all sorts of strange things or something may have got inside the keyboard and be shorting things out.

If that doesn't cure the problem then look to see if any specialized software is installed that sets the keyboard to different settings. Or see if the built in Keyboard has a programmable option.

As I'm supposing that XP is the OS being used you can also go into the control pannel and check both the language and regional settings as something may be set wrong there most likely to be the regional settings like it is set to English US but to a country like Austria.

They are the obvious ones but if none of those work post back and I'll see what else I can come up with.


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by techrific In reply to

Thanks alll.... it was hotkey software

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by ghimpe-- In reply to Left CTRL and Function Ke ...

And if nothing works you could just swap the 2 keys.

*will ayone notice that??*

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by ghimpe-- In reply to

should be:

*will anyone notice that??*

My grammar sux

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by willcomp In reply to Left CTRL and Function Ke ...

Assume that keys once worked properly and that problem is not a mis-traced keyboard.

Although this is not a fix, per se, may point you or someone with more expertise in area to solution.

Each key provides a scan code that is mapped to a particular letter or function. The key codes can be remapped via software (e.g. games or applications) to provide non-standard functions.

I suspect the keys have been re-mapped. Check config.sys and see if there are any strange entries there. Otherwise, do a little research into Windows key mapping.

I haven't fooled with key mapping since the good ol' DOS days.


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by techrific In reply to

Thanks alll.... it was hotkey software

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by techrific In reply to Left CTRL and Function Ke ...

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