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Left handed drop down menu

By mkoncewicz ·
Is there a way to create a dropdown menu in a form that can be accessed from the left (arrow on the left)? The reason I am asking is that I created a drop down with the select and options tags but some of the choices are so long that they go off the screen on a 800x600 resolution screen. If this is not possible? Can options be word wrapped in a dropmenu menu?

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My 2c...

by Iuliu In reply to Left handed drop down men ...

I guess it might be possible in a native application - as long as you have access to the low level OS functionality... - but the point I want to make is if you find yourself having so big menu option items that they don't fit in a screen anymore, then something is wrong with your GUI design. )

I'm sorry to say it, but this beats any rule of GUI design, as well as any usefulness of your interface.

YOU HAVE TO design it differently; menu items were not meant to be long stories, but short (usually imperative, stating an action) and meaningfully descriptive messages.

If you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need instant help, and/or clarification of what action/functionality a menu item is supposed to perform, you may use "hot tip" boxes, although even these are avoided in most of GUIs because they're very annoying after a while. Usually, it's the role of good and thorough documentation to fully describe the functionality of each GUI element.

This is just a friendly advice to not use "experimental", fancy things in the GUI. A lot of companies had trouble selling their software because of a badly designed UI.

The link below is probably one of the best starting points in GUI interface design, guidelines and methodology:

A search for "user interface design" on msdn.microsoft.com will return other useful references.

Like it or not, MS Windows is the OS with the most consistent and well defined GUI around, an almost "de facto" standard.

If you're programming a web page, then if I remember well, there are sometimes much drastic restrictions of what you can do in the GUI in order to not affect usability and preserve consistency. There are lots of resources on the net about consistent and elegant web page design. Google is an invaluable tool... )

I hope this helps. Cheers!

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use CSS 'direction' attribute

by steve In reply to Left handed drop down men ...

<select name='test' style='direction:rtl;'>

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