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    Legacy Clients moving from Windows 2000 Domain Mixed to 2003 R2 Native


    by jnordeng ·

    I have an environment that currently consists of one Domain Controller, a Windows 2003 Sp1 machine. The Domain Functional Level is currently Windows 2000 Mixed.

    I need to raise the domain functional level to Windows 2003 Native for the introduction of Exchange 2007 (we do not currently have in-house mail) and a secondary Domain Controller (running Windows 2003 R2 SP2).

    I have roughly 14 client machines that are my concern running Windows 95, 98 or NT workstation. I have one 3.1 machine (it has not been upgraded due to it’s application limitations). Hardware is not capable of an upgrade to Windows XP.

    I have read the Microsoft Articles and have been in preparation installing IE updates and the DSClient updates to the older clients.

    Is there anything else that is critical in making this work before running ADPrep and DomainPrep off the Second CD of the Windows 2003 R2 CD’s?

    Any suggestions is greatly appreciated so I can avoid Production down time.


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