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Legacy equipment support

By lfreel ·
I?ll wait?again to see if 7 will support my scanners and printers. Vista won?t so why would I think 7 will. Are we supposed to take our legacy printers, scanners and equipment to a land fill? Apparently we must as uSoft has shown itself to be 180 degrees opposite green on the color wheel regarding being a green corporation. Let?s first see how our peripheral equipment survives this ?updated? OS. The peripheral equipment manufacturers may just love it all over again as they did with Vista and let their printers reach their ?end of service life? dates far too soon. I?ll hang on to my XP OS?again and see if Windows 7 is another OS with lipstick and is non supportive.
An argument can be made that it?s the peripheral equipment manufactures ?responsibility? to upgrade their drivers for the changing OS. However some may infer that collusion is taking place and provides a path for ?new? peripheral equipment requirements for the ?upgraded? OS?s. HP recycles ink cartridges, how about a discount for recycled printers and scanners

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