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Crime on Video

by freeone In reply to Legal Video

<p>Have you noticed the amount of Video evidence being produced these days? There seems to be a trend to use video evidence in most everything. I see it on the news when a camera in some gas station captures a hold up or a theft in a department store, in the court rooms with what I term "Laptop Litigation" where attorneys bring in there laptop and simply plug into some existing video display system, and even depositions are being video taped in our law firms with a court reporter taking the written depositon at the same time. Are we all on candid camera? </p>
<p>I would like to see a disscussion on this. I notice that the law still requires a written testimony to be used which is done by a certified court reporter. The video taped evidence has audio with the voices recorded directly on the video tape as well as through a mixer board onto a cassette tape. Why is written transcripts necessary and what do you think the future holds for the laws in regard to video taping of evidence. </p>
<p>A lot of the people doing the video taping are certified videographers. They have been to school or some sort of course that requires them to be familiar with Federal and Civil rules of evidence. I assume this makes them an expert in video taping events for presentation in the court room. However, not all of these folks are certified. They may be just some guy with a video camera doing the taping. </p>
<p>Perhaps some day the courts will require only the video evidence to cut down on the paperwork? Who knows? Please share your thoughts on this matter and what you think the future might bring as technology invades our judicial system. </p>

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