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Legality of wireless hotspots

By gralfus ·
This has probably been discussed elsewhere, but I was pondering it today and thought i'd bring it up here. Are there legal ramifications to providing a wireless access point to one's neighborhood? Several coffee shops do this as a matter of business. However, what if someone is downloading nasty stuff, or conducting other illegal activities? Does the blame fall to the owner of the access point if there is an investigation? Does the ISP mind people doing this sort of thing? I imagine they would due to loss of potential income.

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ISP is a common carrier, not liable for content

by stress junkie In reply to Legality of wireless hots ...

I believe that this issue was settled some years ago regarding ISPs. If memory serves then the legal standing of ISPs is that of a common carrier. They are no more responsible for the content transmitted over their service than is the telephone company.

A Wi-Fi host spot is just another form of ISP.

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