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Legeal Issues with reinstallation

By jpcandiff ·
I often get requests to service end users PC's that have subsequently crashed their pc. Most of these end user do not have a copy of their PC's OS. What is the proper procedure for reinstalling their OS? DO i charge them the price of the OS and purchase it from the store, or can i install the OS using my copy but use their CD KEY?

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The media source doesn't matter

by JackOfAllTech In reply to Legeal Issues with reinst ...

As long as they have proof of license acceptable to M$ (that square label reminicent of money), you can use any means at your disposal to install the OS.


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With Xp you

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to The media source doesn't ...

Could always use a Preinstall disk to run the basic install and then leave it up to them to finish it off but this is a dangerious area to play in as most times the owner who originally stuffed it up will manage to do it all over again without any problems.

I always ask for the original install CD's when I get a job like this in and that way if they take two weeks to supply the CD's then it's their problem. With XP you can always get away with using a different source install disk provided that it is of the same type as the original one like you wouldn't consider trying an XP Pro with Service Pack 1 as a reinstall of the original XP Pro as the Product Key wouldn't work. But then there's all their other software that is involved and without the original CD and packaging you just don't know if its "legal" or something thats been stolen from work or some other place. Although this is going to get harder soon with the reintroduction of buy one for work and use it at home for one user that is coming soon with the revamped Software Assurance Programm from Microsoft.

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