Legitimate need to spoof

By debbie.wadE ·
Need MOSS/Outlook application to send spoofed email...Sales reps want their assistants to send out e-mails that appear to come from Sales Rep -without actually coming form sales rep's mailbox. "Reply to" should also go to sales rep. We want to pull from a list of external addresses and send a canned, personalized email to customers that looks like it comes from their rep but doesn't really. Kind of like a mail merge. Is this do-able?

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Why not just give permission to the assitants...

by jimmy-jam In reply to Legitimate need to spoof

for the sales reps inbox?

Right click inbox select properties click on permissions tab and assign the necessary permissions to the require individuals.
If you have further questions please post back.

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I agree. Anything else seems like ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Why not just give permiss ...

A convoluted long-winded way to do something that is very easy.

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well, its bigger than that...

by debbie.wadE In reply to Legitimate need to spoof

We are talking 50+ reps in multiple regions and one assistant per region (maybe 7 or 8 total). We were hoping for a comprehensive, one click solution. Thanks for your suggestions, we may end up as you suggested.

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How to grant Send On Behalf Of permission

by Nimmo In reply to Legitimate need to spoof

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