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    by ctbanks03 ·

    I receive many emails daily offering me enormous amounts of money if I will consent to being an agent in the US for so called companies from Nigeria and the UK. I respond sometimes by telling them that I only work for legitimate online companies and do not appreciate scams. Needless to say the emails continue and are flooding my mail box.

    Are any of these things legitimate when received form foreign countries. The BBB has no record of them.

    How do I make it stop?

    I am seeking a legitimate work at home opportunity online. Does anyone know if there is any such opportunity for a typist, data entry etc. that does not involve a start up fee.

    Sincerely Concerned and need legitimate online opportunities with reputable companies.

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      by ctbanks03 ·

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      by gary56789 ·

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      these emails, just consider all of them bogus. To stop them spamming your email address, discontinue use of the address and create another immediately (or just as soon as anyone legitimately needing your email address has the new one).

      There are legitimate opportunities for home employment out there, but the only one I know is Don’t know if they are hiring in your area.

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