Lengthy Shutdown

By cit_cc ·
My PC takes 4 minutes to shut down. What are some of the reasons for this?

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Defrage, Virus, or reinstall

by jr.carswell In reply to Lengthy Shutdown

One of the Biggest reasons I find is a fragmented hard disk for this i would recommend Smart Defrage from IOBit. another possible cause would be a virus or multiple viruses and for this i would recommend Norton Anti-Virus 2009. Or if none of this helps i would recommend doing a complete re-install but only as a final option

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Network PC?

by detroitreds In reply to Lengthy Shutdown

Is the computer on the network, or stand alone?

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If the System

by Jacky Howe In reply to Lengthy Shutdown

has been set to delete the Pagefile at shutdown it will cause a lengthy delay. Here are a couple of tips to speed up shutdown.

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I agree with Jacky

by ian.wall In reply to If the System

I agree with Jacky, it sounds to me like it's trying to clear the page file on shutdown.

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some things to try

by Snuffy09 In reply to Lengthy Shutdown

1. Check your event logs (system and Application)

2. disable unused programs/services... start>run>msconfig

3. uninstall unused software

4. Defrag

5. Clean up temp files> download/run ccleaner>

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Shutdown speed

by butkus In reply to Lengthy Shutdown

Vista or XP. I just leave my laptop as it does take a long time, even with the new updates. If it's XP, it could be a few things, if on a network (business) it is most likely waiting on some network stuff to happen.

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