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    Lenoov T61 running Windows Visa Business won’t connect to the internet


    by techsentinel ·

    A Lonovo T61 was attached to and older router with an internet connection only.

    A recent router updgrade (to a Netgear WNR3400 Dual Band) was installed with no issues connecting two Windows 7 PC’s to the internet using WPA (Older PC on 2.4GHz & newer PC on 5GHz) and a wireless HP 8600 printer.

    The Lenovo (Vista Business SP1) recognizes the local network but will not connect to the internet unless directly wired (ethernet) to the router. The Mini PCI Lan Express adapter taskbar icon is us as well as the windows wireless connection manager. Both indicating they see the router & others without a problem

    I have verified a variety of settings including SSID & Password, disabling security (none), firewalls (Windows & norton were on), file sharing, etc.

    Any advice: Vista updates, External Wireless adapter, any configuration notes (securty or otherwise)?

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