Lenovo Ideapad u510 booting problem?

By avandelay05 ·
Hi all. I'm a new guy here seeking helpf from TR. I have a booting problem with a Lenovo IdeaPad u510 ultrabook. The ideapad came with Win 8 preinstalled on it. The machine ran fine with the Pro upgrade and then the 8.1 upgrade couple of months ago. Just last week it has had a problem with booting into windows (right now it is stuck at the Lenovo splash screen - obvs I am writing this on a different computer - but yeah it has been stuck at the splash screen for 10 minutes). I have a clean system image of the ultrabook and a backup of the data on the machine so when this problem began I did a win 8 system image restore to the working image and restored the data. The computer ran great after the restore. I turned the computer off. The next day, I turned it on and it wouldn't boot into windows. It was stuck at the Lenovo splash screen for about 10 minutes then the blue Windows sad face screen appeared with a message that something bad happened, restarted, then attempted an "automatic system repair" which didn't work so the Win 8 help menu/recovery console appeared asking me if I wanted to continue booting or do troubleshooting. This time I used the Lenovo OneKey recovery to the working image I had before which successfully ran and I was able to do my work then I turned it off. Next day I get the same problems with booting into Windows (the same exact things happened). So, I thought maybe the hard drive is failing. I had a spare working hdd. I put that in, did the Lenovo OneKey recovery image restore to the new hdd. I then rebooted only to be greeted with the same problem! (10 minutes at Lenovo splash screen, restarts on own, attempts automatic repair, goes to win8 recovery console). So, I don't think the problem is with the hard drive.

Now, the original hard drive is in it. I then go back to factory defaults (the handy side button on the IdeaPad) and it was working fine, i.e., I was able to install all of the Windows 8 updates between the factory release of the u510 to today, the machine has restarted a few times successfully (installing updates) but when I powered it off then turned it back on it has been stuck at the lenovo splash screen for now 15 minutes.

Suggestions? I don't think it's a Windows problem. I'm leaning toward hardware. I've ruled out the hard drive. Is it RAM? A mobo component? A problem with UEFI?

Model Lenovo Ideapad u510 6 GB Ram intel core i5 25 GB ssd 750 GB hdd

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What does the date in BIOS read?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Lenovo Ideapad u510 booti ...

Sounds as if the BIOS Battery is flat and the CMOS is loosing it's saved settings after it's powered off.


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Date is correct

by avandelay05 In reply to What does the date in BIO ...

In the BIOS menu the current date and time are correct. If the battery is flat then the date and time wouldn't be correct?

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If the Date & Time are correct

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Date is correct

Then the battery is OK though it may pay to make sure that the HDD,RAM & CPU are being correctly reported and as you exit the BIOS save the changes as while you have not made any it could be now showing you what it sees there not what it thinks is there.


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by avandelay05 In reply to What does the date in BIO ...

Would bad ram cause this problem?

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Yes it could be the problem

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to RAM

So it would be a good idea to use something like The Ultimate Boot CD available free here

And test your hardware. That will allow you to test everything to see what is going wrong. I would suggest you start with testing the HDD then RAM, then CPU as a starting point.


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