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Lenovo out of business, Stinks IBM name (ideaPad S10)

By tlccoorg ·
We are dealing in our company for years with DELL products. Recently in attempt to get stronger hardware speed due to new development we decided to try LENOVO products. Well this company riding still on the name of IBM that seems like a big mistake by IBM. Lenovo got no customer service approach.we ordered so many systems from Lenovo but never were happy with the service. Horrible customer service or support. every product we ordered was delayed at least a month. Customer service is sometimes India or Canada. No option to get to supervisor. Orders were cancelled by Lenovo without warning. ordrs like 2D27Y1 was cancelled after a month of waiting without any contact. Laptop order 2D0E3X was ordered in August 2008 still not received as October 10 2008, No contact or emails from Lenovo.and the list is long.
Do yourself a favor as a business stay away from leovo products . they might be good products that stil got the IBM technology but service is the worse ever. As I read before but never belived to the online blogs. " Lenevo Stinks" and hopefully soon out of business in the US.
Next time you buy Lenovo ask yourself " Are you in good hands ?" the answer is NO!
For our company we are back with DELL !!!

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"Customer service is sometimes India or Canada."

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Lenovo out of business, S ...

Yeah, we know about those service desks in Canada. Even if you get connected to someone who speaks halfway decent English, you can't understand anything because of their accent and the hockey broadcast in the background.

Am I the only one who finds it hard to believe tlccoorg is a CIO in California, or a CIO, or in California. This is obviously a troll. Knock him off his bridge and trot on, little goats. And no, I don't use any IBM or Lenovo hardware or directly own any stock.

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not Canadian help desks

by Jaqui In reply to "Customer service is some ...

it's the "Nation of Quebec"* help desks with the horrible english.

unfortunately, while it sounds funny, it's true, the barely intellegable help desks all seem to be in the Province of Quebec, where knowing English is almost a criminal offense.

*direct quote from the leader of the political party mandated to destroy Canada as a Nation, the "Bloc Quebecois"

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I knew you'd get a kick out of that one.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to not Canadian help desks

Whenever I think of emerging nations taking outsourced technology jobs away from the U.S., India and Canada are the first two that leap to mind.

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Holy You know what

by Shellbot In reply to I knew you'd get a kick o ...

have I been away from canada for so long??
Is it considered an "emerging nation" now??

Heck, I knew we were a bit backward..but man..thats bad :)

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Bloc Quebecois

by Shellbot In reply to not Canadian help desks

nuff said

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Actually Jacqui

by JamesRL In reply to not Canadian help desks

Most Canadian bilingual call centres are in New Brunswick, which is an officially bilingual province. Bceause it is cheaper to locate there than in Quebec. The province invested in a lot of the needed infrastructure for call centres in the 90s, and it paid off.

As for Nation, its a different term than state. We recognize the native "nations" in Canada, I don't have a problem calling Quebec a nation, though it kinda signals to the francophones outside of Quebec that they don't count.

Its Quebec's desire to have their own "state" or country that is a problem.

And to be fair, I work with Quebecers every day. And none of them want their own state, all of them speak and write very good english, and none of them resent the fact that they are forced to use english when having meetings with me present.

And even the Bloc is NOT pushing Quebec sovereignty right now as they know that they would lose votes if they did. They are not calling for a referendum. They know they would lose.


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either way James

by Jaqui In reply to Actually Jacqui

the Bloc is either a violation of the Human rights code, or Traitors.

if they are mandated to promote French culture, without every other culture having a federal political party it is a "special priviledge" that violates the human rights code of Canada.
if they are mandated to promote Quebec Sovereignity, they are traitors to Canada.

and most Canadian call centers I reach are Quebec based, with staff that are barely understandable in english, both from very heavy accents and from bad syntax.

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How can you say such a thing?

by jdclyde In reply to "Customer service is some ...

tlc put out such a well written post, s/h/it is clearly edumacated to at least a 7th grade.

So, what is your guess? A Dell "worker" from india?

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by Shellbot In reply to How can you say such a th ...

Maybe he got fired from one of those places that Lenovo outsource to??

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by Shellbot In reply to "Customer service is some ...

You knockin the hockey???????

And as J said..its not canada your reaching..its quebec..
kinda like having your call centre in the foothills of alabama..or whatever..ya know what i mean :)

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