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Lenovo Service Stinks

By jr_hearty ·
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On September 15th, the video went out on my Thinkpad G41. I had purchased onsite support, so the parts were sent to a technician who came out to repair the laptop on September 19th. He replaced the system board, the inverter, and the LCD. He finally diagnosed it as a bad VGA card and ordered the new card. He said he would probably be back by Friday, September 22. That date came and went. He called and said the part was back ordered he should have it by September 29th. That date came and went. On October 11th, I called Lenovo and was told the part was still out of stock and would be indefinitely.

They escalated my case to a complaint resolution manager who called me back and told me the 20 items would be coming in on the 20th. That date has come and gone. No calls from the complaint resolution manager.

I called Lenovo tech support today and found out that they had closed my case. The tech opened a new case and confirmed that the part is still out of stock.

This is completely unacceptable. I paid extra for onsite support and an extended warranty. It is not my fault Lenovo can't manage their inventory correctly. They haven't even apologized to me for the delay or offered to comepensate me for the down time. This is a business computer.

Have any of you had problems like this with Lenovo? How did you resolve it?

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this is definately UNACCEPTABLE

by davegsun In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

sell your lenovo and get a new dell, chinese made lenovo sucks for sure

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by Paul Newell In reply to this is definately UNACCE ...

I wouldn't recommend Dell for someone who just had a **** of a time dealing with a lousy support department...Unless it's Dell 'business line' type of equipment. The support for the consumer-lines flat-out sucks.

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Dell - China

by ProfTheory In reply to Dell?

I love my Dell I8600 and I agree that tech support is weak. As for Chinese Lenovo, Dell parts I suspect mostly come there also. China is the new "Made in Japan."

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I am kind of scared of any...

by suirauqa In reply to Dell?

computer vendor (read Dell!) whose purchase page (until recently) began with options for getting 1-, 2- or 3-year warranties, with the 3-year warranties being pushed as the recommended solution; it was almost as if giving the buyer a premonition of what was sure to come, something like "Dude, when you got a Dell, it is going to fail; so get a good warranty now, lest you later go through ****...".

It is only recently that Dell has spruced up their consumer online-purchase page, but the corresponding pages for Dell Education and Dell Government are still the same...

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Dell Technical Support

by HappyHeathen In reply to Dell?

It's been my experience that the normal consumer support hotline appears to connect to an offshore call center staffed with techs that operate off of a script and have very little technical experience. (Unfortunately, very often it is also difficult to understand them because of the accent.)

If you purchase the extended warranties, you are given a different contact number that connects you to stateside technicians who are more experienced and are able to solve problems quickly.

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Dell Battery Replacement JOKE

by sean.cummins In reply to Dell Technical Support

Dell's battery replacement program is a farce. I logged calls in mid August. I waited my requisite 20 working days. Then I waited another 10 working days for luck. Then I called them and outlined my situation. I was politely told that "someone will be in touch" Several phone calls later I was clearly becoming a real pain as I was told they were unable to track my request and "please do not call again"

Has anyone encountered similar frustration?

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Got a battery quickly

by darinhamer In reply to Dell Battery Replacement ...

I needed a replacement. I made the request online. It said that I would not get it for 20 business days. Had it within a week. I have had no problems with Dell whatsoever.

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Dell - Singapore - very Good :)

by TGN42 In reply to Dell?

Having used Dell for a number of years, for both desktops and laptops, both in business and personal, I've found their support very good.

Their next business day parts&labor warranties work well, they'll show up with replacement parts and fix on the spot. Where they are unable to fix the problem on the spot they will either schedule a visit the following day, or bring the computer back to troubleshoot/fix and return when done.

Although Laptops bought do break down, having it fixed the very next day in most cases is a blessing. Usually they've simply swapped out the motherboard and things have worked.

Sure beats warranties where you have to drop it off, or send it in, to get a fix.

Cheers :)

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Dell Sucks

by Kalishnikov In reply to Dell?

Gold tech support at Dell sucks too. I work for one of the largest Defense contractors managing a large computer lab for the Air Force. We purchase mostly Dell equipment and often with Gold support which has proven useless. Recently my boss' D800 laptop had video problems when undocked and then my D800 developed the same problem. The online tech said it must be a video card but and would send out a tech with new motherboard. The Dell contracted tech showed up, dressed very unprofessionally, and replaced the mb and the problem persisted. He placed the unit in the docking station but didn't check it out to make sure it worked properly in the docking station and of course it didn't because he didn't plug everything back in. During the troubleshooting he had to call Dell for help. We had him on a speaker phone and I heard the Dell tech suggest he check the seating of the memory. I had to point out to both techs that if the memory was the problem it would had the same problem whether it was in the docking station or not. Their solution was to send a new video card and an LCD. Of course it went backorder, and like with Lenovo they didn't communicate that very well to us, I had to follow up. The backorder dragged on and finally another tech showed up (I called Dell and said I didn't want to see the original tech at my site again). This time the problem got fixed. This is when I opened up a call on my D800. My parts went back order too (I also had a CDRW go bad at the same time). The dumbwads sent the same tech out that I had said to never send again. He replaced the CDRW and it worked fine. He replaced the video card and it didn't solve the video problem. He again left without checking the system in docking station and of course the unit now had now video in the docking station. I was without a PC at my desk for 2 days waiting on him to come back and fix it. Dell's answer was to send all of the parts for a D800. The tech replaced the motherboard and there appeared to be video but I discovered that the tech had not hooked the touchpad back up. He fixed that and then the display was "grayed out". He fiddled with it and the display came back. I put the thing and my docking station only to discover that the Windows hive was corrupted. He had shut down the unit hard when he arrived because he couldn't see the screen. Now I'm again without a PC while I re-image the PC since Windows recovery wouldn't work. Thank God for Acronis TrueImae 9) I was able to use the rescue CD and back up my local files first. Once up and running I decide to pull my laptop out of the docking station and check it out. It turns out it still doesn't have video when undocked. Then I receive a survey from Dell via e-mail and one of the last questions is "Are you satisfied that the job is complete?? My answer was obviously "no". Do you think I've heard back from Dell yet? Of course not. It's been over a month since this began and I personally know of at least one case where it took over a year to get Dell to fix a laptop and then they finally just replaced it.

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Bunch of incompetents or plain thieves?

by lobo In reply to Dell Sucks

On the 29th of November, ?06, I helped my ex-wife and my ex-sister-in-law to buy a couple of Dell machines, a laptop and a desktop, one for each. After two days configuring machines at Dell website, in order to adjust the budget (which is cheap, so I had to make the most of it) I spent almost one hour with the sales guy on the phone (this is Colombia, and none of them had credit cards, so we went for cash in hand, instead). First surprise: the configuration tool at Dell?s website does not reflect the real world. You can add as many things you want, but the tool is not prepared to say ?if you put this, you have to take that out?. Well, compatibility problems are not what you would expect in this kind of deal, otherwise Dell would not be such a huge company, I thought. I got a little upset, but then, no good would come from insulting the sales guy. I had to make the changes ?on the fly? (thanks to 20 years assembling bloody computer parts) and I got a decent deal of machines, if not very upgradeable, because the parts that I threw away compromised future upgrades. The guy (Mr. Fabio Flores) said that he would send an e-mail to each one of them with instructions about how to make the payment. At that point, I left them because the bank was not my concern, assembling the machines according their needs and budget was my job, and a **** of a job well done. But there was something slightly surreal about the instructions: they should scan the bank receipt concerning the money transfer, and send by e-mail to him, so he could confirm that they had paid. They did everything as instructed, and that same day, the money was already on Dell?s hands. Mr. Flores (which I came to know later, was located at a Dell Call Center in Panama) said if there was a problem, he would let them know. On the 4th of December (5 days later), he sent an e-mail saying that he could not order the computers because ?the bank receipt they sent is not proof of payment, what is needed is a letter from the bank indicating the transfer succeeded?. At their bank, the manager said he could try to get such letter, but could not give any guarantee that Dell?s bank received the money. He could only guarantee that the money left the accounts. It took 3 days to get the letter, and then, at Dell, they said they could not accept such letter. I was, then, aware of the situation, and I kept thinking: ?this is bloody ridiculous, they are a computer company, they *MUST* have some sort of system that controls everything, from the manufacturing plants to the CEO coffee machine?. After 8 days, they had no money anymore, no computers, and no solution. And I was wrong. Dell is a crap company, I started searching with Google, and ? voil? ? there is an awful load of people that simply *HATE* Dell. My ex-wife is a hotheaded woman, and started calling Dell. I think they deserve her rage, and boy, they will suffer with her. They are a bunch of incompetents, they cannot communicate internally with each other (she said that after being transferred from desk to desk during the phone calls, she had to tell the bloody whole story again to each of them, she knows it by heart now), and they have no means to verify their own bank accounts and cross check the customer?s information. They kept giving excuses, like ?this bank account is no good? (because they had 2 bank accounts listed in the e-mail they sent ? why 2 banks if one of them is no god?), or ?a money transfer is no good, should have been a deposit? (why would they instruct a money transfer in the e-mail if they cannot accept it? Would it be some kind of joke? ?Ha, ha, we took your money, now **** off and do it right, your bloody poor 3rd world hispanic woman.?). After that, she decided to go to Dell?s bank, and explained the case to their manager. Even thought he *CANNOT* reveal information about the bank?s clients, after 2 days he decided to help and gave an official document saying the money had arrived at Dell?s account on the same 29th of November, detailed with sender, recipient, amount to the cent, time of the transfer, everything. But Dell likes things complicated, so now they are not receiving the scanned document by e-mail, but instead, they gave a fax number ? which plainly *DOES NOT EXIST*!!! And absolutely no-one at Dell can explain either why they are not receiving the e-mail anymore or what the correct fax number is. It has been 2 weeks since Dell stole their money, 2 weeks since Dell has their money in the bank account, with all the rates of interest, and until now, there is no bloody computer, no purchase order, nothing. Tomorrow they will visit a lawyer, to see if they can sue Dell. I suspect Dell is not a company at all, but an intergalactic mistake. Some alien race, after hiding for some time on Earth in order to avoid the paparazzi due to an embarrassing freak accident whit an anteater, left behind a portable black hole, which was discovered by the U.S. military. They built a factory to conceal it, and now they experiment with it, searching for new and bizarre weapons, like the one that forces the enemies to call a Customer Center and put them on hold forever, while the power of the black hole sucks their brains through the phone cord and drives them mad. It is the only explanation. Behold, the truth is out there, somewhere, but the Big Brother is always watching it. Abandon all your hopes.

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