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    Lenovo Service Stinks


    by jr_hearty ·

    On September 15th, the video went out on my Thinkpad G41. I had purchased onsite support, so the parts were sent to a technician who came out to repair the laptop on September 19th. He replaced the system board, the inverter, and the LCD. He finally diagnosed it as a bad VGA card and ordered the new card. He said he would probably be back by Friday, September 22. That date came and went. He called and said the part was back ordered he should have it by September 29th. That date came and went. On October 11th, I called Lenovo and was told the part was still out of stock and would be indefinitely.

    They escalated my case to a complaint resolution manager who called me back and told me the 20 items would be coming in on the 20th. That date has come and gone. No calls from the complaint resolution manager.

    I called Lenovo tech support today and found out that they had closed my case. The tech opened a new case and confirmed that the part is still out of stock.

    This is completely unacceptable. I paid extra for onsite support and an extended warranty. It is not my fault Lenovo can’t manage their inventory correctly. They haven’t even apologized to me for the delay or offered to comepensate me for the down time. This is a business computer.

    Have any of you had problems like this with Lenovo? How did you resolve it?

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      this is definately UNACCEPTABLE

      by davegsun ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      sell your lenovo and get a new dell, chinese made lenovo sucks for sure

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        by capnpauly ·

        In reply to this is definately UNACCEPTABLE

        I wouldn’t recommend Dell for someone who just had a Hell of a time dealing with a lousy support department…Unless it’s Dell ‘business line’ type of equipment. The support for the consumer-lines flat-out sucks.

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          Dell – China

          by proftheory ·

          In reply to Dell?

          I love my Dell I8600 and I agree that tech support is weak. As for Chinese Lenovo, Dell parts I suspect mostly come there also. China is the new “Made in Japan.”

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          I am kind of scared of any…

          by suirauqa ·

          In reply to Dell?

          computer vendor (read Dell!) whose purchase page (until recently) began with options for getting 1-, 2- or 3-year warranties, with the 3-year warranties being pushed as the recommended solution; it was almost as if giving the buyer a premonition of what was sure to come, something like “Dude, when you got a Dell, it is going to fail; so get a good warranty now, lest you later go through hell…”.

          It is only recently that Dell has spruced up their consumer online-purchase page, but the corresponding pages for Dell Education and Dell Government are still the same…

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          Dell Technical Support

          by happyheathen ·

          In reply to Dell?

          It’s been my experience that the normal consumer support hotline appears to connect to an offshore call center staffed with techs that operate off of a script and have very little technical experience. (Unfortunately, very often it is also difficult to understand them because of the accent.)

          If you purchase the extended warranties, you are given a different contact number that connects you to stateside technicians who are more experienced and are able to solve problems quickly.

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          Dell Battery Replacement JOKE

          by sean.cummins ·

          In reply to Dell Technical Support

          Dell’s battery replacement program is a farce. I logged calls in mid August. I waited my requisite 20 working days. Then I waited another 10 working days for luck. Then I called them and outlined my situation. I was politely told that “someone will be in touch” Several phone calls later I was clearly becoming a real pain as I was told they were unable to track my request and “please do not call again”

          Has anyone encountered similar frustration?

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          Got a battery quickly

          by darinhamer ·

          In reply to Dell Battery Replacement JOKE

          I needed a replacement. I made the request online. It said that I would not get it for 20 business days. Had it within a week. I have had no problems with Dell whatsoever.

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          Dell – Singapore – very Good :)

          by tgn42 ·

          In reply to Dell?

          Having used Dell for a number of years, for both desktops and laptops, both in business and personal, I’ve found their support very good.

          Their next business day parts&labor warranties work well, they’ll show up with replacement parts and fix on the spot. Where they are unable to fix the problem on the spot they will either schedule a visit the following day, or bring the computer back to troubleshoot/fix and return when done.

          Although Laptops bought do break down, having it fixed the very next day in most cases is a blessing. Usually they’ve simply swapped out the motherboard and things have worked.

          Sure beats warranties where you have to drop it off, or send it in, to get a fix.

          Cheers 🙂

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          Dell Sucks

          by kalishnikov ·

          In reply to Dell?

          Gold tech support at Dell sucks too. I work for one of the largest Defense contractors managing a large computer lab for the Air Force. We purchase mostly Dell equipment and often with Gold support which has proven useless. Recently my boss’ D800 laptop had video problems when undocked and then my D800 developed the same problem. The online tech said it must be a video card but and would send out a tech with new motherboard. The Dell contracted tech showed up, dressed very unprofessionally, and replaced the mb and the problem persisted. He placed the unit in the docking station but didn’t check it out to make sure it worked properly in the docking station and of course it didn’t because he didn’t plug everything back in. During the troubleshooting he had to call Dell for help. We had him on a speaker phone and I heard the Dell tech suggest he check the seating of the memory. I had to point out to both techs that if the memory was the problem it would had the same problem whether it was in the docking station or not. Their solution was to send a new video card and an LCD. Of course it went backorder, and like with Lenovo they didn’t communicate that very well to us, I had to follow up. The backorder dragged on and finally another tech showed up (I called Dell and said I didn’t want to see the original tech at my site again). This time the problem got fixed. This is when I opened up a call on my D800. My parts went back order too (I also had a CDRW go bad at the same time). The dumbwads sent the same tech out that I had said to never send again. He replaced the CDRW and it worked fine. He replaced the video card and it didn’t solve the video problem. He again left without checking the system in docking station and of course the unit now had now video in the docking station. I was without a PC at my desk for 2 days waiting on him to come back and fix it. Dell’s answer was to send all of the parts for a D800. The tech replaced the motherboard and there appeared to be video but I discovered that the tech had not hooked the touchpad back up. He fixed that and then the display was “grayed out”. He fiddled with it and the display came back. I put the thing and my docking station only to discover that the Windows hive was corrupted. He had shut down the unit hard when he arrived because he couldn’t see the screen. Now I’m again without a PC while I re-image the PC since Windows recovery wouldn’t work. Thank God for Acronis TrueImae 9) I was able to use the rescue CD and back up my local files first. Once up and running I decide to pull my laptop out of the docking station and check it out. It turns out it still doesn’t have video when undocked. Then I receive a survey from Dell via e-mail and one of the last questions is “Are you satisfied that the job is complete?? My answer was obviously “no”. Do you think I’ve heard back from Dell yet? Of course not. It’s been over a month since this began and I personally know of at least one case where it took over a year to get Dell to fix a laptop and then they finally just replaced it.

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          Bunch of incompetents or plain thieves?

          by lobo ·

          In reply to Dell Sucks

          On the 29th of November, ?06, I helped my ex-wife and my ex-sister-in-law to buy a couple of Dell machines, a laptop and a desktop, one for each. After two days configuring machines at Dell website, in order to adjust the budget (which is cheap, so I had to make the most of it) I spent almost one hour with the sales guy on the phone (this is Colombia, and none of them had credit cards, so we went for cash in hand, instead). First surprise: the configuration tool at Dell?s website does not reflect the real world. You can add as many things you want, but the tool is not prepared to say ?if you put this, you have to take that out?. Well, compatibility problems are not what you would expect in this kind of deal, otherwise Dell would not be such a huge company, I thought. I got a little upset, but then, no good would come from insulting the sales guy. I had to make the changes ?on the fly? (thanks to 20 years assembling bloody computer parts) and I got a decent deal of machines, if not very upgradeable, because the parts that I threw away compromised future upgrades. The guy (Mr. Fabio Flores) said that he would send an e-mail to each one of them with instructions about how to make the payment. At that point, I left them because the bank was not my concern, assembling the machines according their needs and budget was my job, and a hell of a job well done. But there was something slightly surreal about the instructions: they should scan the bank receipt concerning the money transfer, and send by e-mail to him, so he could confirm that they had paid. They did everything as instructed, and that same day, the money was already on Dell?s hands. Mr. Flores (which I came to know later, was located at a Dell Call Center in Panama) said if there was a problem, he would let them know. On the 4th of December (5 days later), he sent an e-mail saying that he could not order the computers because ?the bank receipt they sent is not proof of payment, what is needed is a letter from the bank indicating the transfer succeeded?. At their bank, the manager said he could try to get such letter, but could not give any guarantee that Dell?s bank received the money. He could only guarantee that the money left the accounts. It took 3 days to get the letter, and then, at Dell, they said they could not accept such letter. I was, then, aware of the situation, and I kept thinking: ?this is bloody ridiculous, they are a computer company, they *MUST* have some sort of system that controls everything, from the manufacturing plants to the CEO coffee machine?. After 8 days, they had no money anymore, no computers, and no solution. And I was wrong. Dell is a crap company, I started searching with Google, and ? voil? ? there is an awful load of people that simply *HATE* Dell. My ex-wife is a hotheaded woman, and started calling Dell. I think they deserve her rage, and boy, they will suffer with her. They are a bunch of incompetents, they cannot communicate internally with each other (she said that after being transferred from desk to desk during the phone calls, she had to tell the bloody whole story again to each of them, she knows it by heart now), and they have no means to verify their own bank accounts and cross check the customer?s information. They kept giving excuses, like ?this bank account is no good? (because they had 2 bank accounts listed in the e-mail they sent ? why 2 banks if one of them is no god?), or ?a money transfer is no good, should have been a deposit? (why would they instruct a money transfer in the e-mail if they cannot accept it? Would it be some kind of joke? ?Ha, ha, we took your money, now piss off and do it right, your bloody poor 3rd world hispanic woman.?). After that, she decided to go to Dell?s bank, and explained the case to their manager. Even thought he *CANNOT* reveal information about the bank?s clients, after 2 days he decided to help and gave an official document saying the money had arrived at Dell?s account on the same 29th of November, detailed with sender, recipient, amount to the cent, time of the transfer, everything. But Dell likes things complicated, so now they are not receiving the scanned document by e-mail, but instead, they gave a fax number ? which plainly *DOES NOT EXIST*!!! And absolutely no-one at Dell can explain either why they are not receiving the e-mail anymore or what the correct fax number is. It has been 2 weeks since Dell stole their money, 2 weeks since Dell has their money in the bank account, with all the rates of interest, and until now, there is no bloody computer, no purchase order, nothing. Tomorrow they will visit a lawyer, to see if they can sue Dell. I suspect Dell is not a company at all, but an intergalactic mistake. Some alien race, after hiding for some time on Earth in order to avoid the paparazzi due to an embarrassing freak accident whit an anteater, left behind a portable black hole, which was discovered by the U.S. military. They built a factory to conceal it, and now they experiment with it, searching for new and bizarre weapons, like the one that forces the enemies to call a Customer Center and put them on hold forever, while the power of the black hole sucks their brains through the phone cord and drives them mad. It is the only explanation. Behold, the truth is out there, somewhere, but the Big Brother is always watching it. Abandon all your hopes.

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          tech gone wild

          by craiglarry9 ·

          In reply to Bunch of incompetents or plain thieves?

          Simple matter of the world gone crazy and wild trying to keep up with tech means for doing simple tasks. KISS. Keep it simple stupid. Go back to seeing your merchandise in their hand and giving them cash from hand to hand. YOu give them money; they give you procuct. Otherwise, you get this insanity.

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        The word is DEFINITELY… [:)]

        by suirauqa ·

        In reply to this is definately UNACCEPTABLE

        Sorry for going off topic… it is a pet peeve of mine, please excuse! There is no word in English called ‘definate’ or the adverbial form ‘definately’. I see it (mis)used very frequently. The word is ‘definite’ and the adverbial form ‘definitely’!

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          by jr_hearty ·

          In reply to The word is DEFINITELY… [:)]

          That’s funny. Thanks for the laugh. I’ve noticed that as I have become more involved with instant messaging, online forums, and such, my spelling has also become much more suspect.

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          Nice nick…

          by now left tr ·

          In reply to Ha!

          Fly Fishing any time soon?

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      Lenovo Stinks

      by n2t ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      I have had to call in twice on seperate machines, only to find that tech support wasnt listening to what I said and was to busy talking and fooling around with who ever was there with them. Replacement parts came but no labels to return. After my 3rd phone call for return info a bill showed up for the parts that were not returned. Finaly was able to get someone to help in the returns. I looking into a different manufactor for future PCs.

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        Do you think this is a “Lenovo Only” Problem?

        by steven_fuhrman9 ·

        In reply to Lenovo Stinks

        Sure, I’ve had problems with parts availability, the exclusion of return labels, etc., with Lenovo, but when you deal with a company as many times as I do (and suspect many people who use TechRepublic do), there are bound to be glitches along the way.

        In my 10 1/2 years supporting computers within a corporate environment, we’ve been standardized on: Compaq, then Gateway, Dell and now Lenovo (originally standardized while still owned by IBM). I’ve also had to deal with Toshiba and Sony along the way, but not in a large scale.

        None of these “manufacturers” make everything in their computers, and when the manufacturer of a specific part has supply problems, the equipment builder always gets flack for it. For instance, certain laptops are currently on backorder from Lenovo because the company that manufactured the glass for the LCDs went bankrupt. Sure, there are other manufacturers of the same type of glass, but everyone is over-taxing the already strapped manufacturers to get what they need, leaving everyone in a shortage. Is this the fault of Lenovo (or the other manufacturers)? Nope… but they get the blame for it.

        Go ahead and find another “manufacturer”, but after you’ve used that manufacturer for a similar length of time as you’ve used Lenovo/IBM, I’d bet you’ll be singing the same tune about that company… and, no, I do not work for Lenovo or own stock in the company.

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          Manufacturer is still responsible.

          by bob-holton ·

          In reply to Do you think this is a “Lenovo Only” Problem?

          Steven, I must repectfully disagree.

          When I buy from Lenovo, I don’t CARE where they get their parts. They are responsible. I don’t know where they get their parts, THEY DO. If there are problems in their supply chain, THEY need to solve it. That is why manufacturers qualify suppliers in the first place.

          Sounds to me like Lenovo failed to properly qualify some of their supply chain and the customer is the one that is paying the price for Lenovo’s laziness.

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          Not only that…

          by stacybc ·

          In reply to Manufacturer is still responsible.

          In my opinion, Lenovo just simply wasn’t ready to grow so big so fast. They went from a small local market to a huge international market almost over night. They weren’t prepared for it and they are making mistakes. We have seen small things like speakers missing from the cases and cheap packaging to larger issues like the same serial numbers assigned to 2 and 3 different machines and below grade parts like power supplies that burn out in a matter of weeks. They are falling behind and to make up for it they are trying to cut corners in an attempt to catch up, which is just making them fall farther behind.

          Our latest problem is a whole slew of M52’s that are reporting over heats in IBM Director and the BIOS that are not really over heating. I guess it’s faulty sensors, which means changing out boards… several hundreds of them. Been there with IBM when capacitors were popping… twice. Not something I want to do again with Lenovo.

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          Not for Lenovo only

          by eddie n ·

          In reply to Do you think this is a “Lenovo Only” Problem?

          Long-time customer of Compaq, and lately their tech support has also started lacking. I find myself answering questions that I ask them for myself. In other words, their tech support personnel aren’t as well educated about the possible solutions to my problem as I myself am. Sort of makes you wonder what they’re doing wrong. To their credit, even when they are giving me useless information, they are unfailingly polite.

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          So true…

          by jr_hearty ·

          In reply to Not for Lenovo only

          Regarding call times. When we were standardized on Toshiba, the wait times were awful. IBM used to promote the < 1 minute average hold time. It has definitely gone up since the Lenovo deal - even though tech support is in Atlanta. Also, the dial in menus have gotten ridiculously long. It's very aggravating to have to listen to a full menu when you already know what option number to press.

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          When I was working at a helpcenter…

          by the admiral ·

          In reply to So true…

          When I was working at one of IBM’s helpcenters, their average hold time for their Aptiva and old Thinkpad lines was 4 hours.

          Then we had 10 minutes to support the item, but it took 10 minutes for the person to finish bitching then we had to toss em back in the queue or hang up.

          So the sorry service is planned into their standard of service. It is not just Lenovo, it is every company.

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          I just don’t think you can get away with that now.

          by darinhamer ·

          In reply to When I was working at a helpcenter…

          Since your title now appears to be CIO/CTO, I assume that your time in the IBM helpcenter was at some point in the past.

          It used to be that companies could differentiate themselves because they had a better product or they had some new technology that no one else had. But now, my grandma could build a high quality computer pretty quickly, and she’s dead. 😉 So computer companies looking for a competitive advantage can’t necessarily depend on the fact that they build a better product or that they have the latest technology because the technology is available to everyone and everyone can build a quality product pretty cheap.

          So the differentiators now are price and customer service. If a company takes the attitude that you talk about in your post here, I don’t see how they can survive in this crowded market place. IBM used to be one of the few producers of enterprise class computing equipment, including desktops and laptops. But now there are a bunch of alternatives (hence, IBM got out of the desktop/laptop business) and in order to compete, you’d better have the basics–price and quality–and have something a little special in the customer service realm to boot. Otherwise, you’re toast. There are too many eager wannabes to take your place in the market.

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          Folks, I got ya all Beat

          by y2ktoou ·

          In reply to Not for Lenovo only

          Let’s see anybody top this. Purchased an IBM T30 in Jan of 03. Warranty expire’s this past Jan. In April I damaged the monitor and returned it for repairs to Lenovo. No problems.

          Fast forward to last month when I noticed my machine suddenly just recognizing half the 512MB of RAM I had installed (2 256MB modules). Installed 512MB in SIMM socket II and machine still only see’s the 256 in socket no. I. Reverse memory and laptop now running on 512 but it should be 786MB.

          Contact Lenovo via email and they telephone me the following day. Discuss situation regarding laptop with support person and am informed that IBM/Lenovo were aware of either a design flaw or a manufacturing problem that eventually would render SIMM Socket II inoperable with the T30. As if this weren’t bad enough, until April of this year IBM/Lenovo would make repair’s to any laptop that had this problem whether still under warranty or not. Of course I didn’t have this problem develop until last month so I missed an opportunity to have my notebook repaired for free outside of its warranty.

          I never saw anything mentioned on any website regarding this problem from IBM/Lenovo or was ever sent an email regarding this situation even though I dutifully registered this computer shortly after I bought it. And IBM/Lenovo had my laptop in their hands to replace my LCD panel in April and they could have replaced the motherboard to fix the memory module socket situation. But they didn’t. Decided to keep quiet instead.

          If I wanted to repair this problem it would cost me $750. Not worth it.

          Of consulation, the support person I was talking to who brought all this info to my attention came right out and said to me that he thought it really Sucked that His employer would stop the offer to repair laptop’s They Knew had a flaw in them. There was an 18 month window when customers could have returned their machines for repair for free and I missed it because at the time my computer didn’t have this problem.

          I’d like to know just how hard did IBM/Lenovo work at putting out to its customers that there was a problem with the SIMM socket on their laptops? I never saw Or heard anything so I’m left to believe they decided not to advertise to heavily the problem thereby keeping those like myself from having an opportunity to get a situation that will degrade my machine at some point in time from getting taken care of.

          I’m hard pressed to go with Lenovo when I replace this computer next year.

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          Here’s why…

          by stacybc ·

          In reply to Folks, I got ya all Beat

          IBM/Lenovo put out white sheets called ECA’s (Engineering Change Announcements). Only technician (Business Partners and Self-Maintainers, what I am) have access to these ECA’s. The reason, most likely, that you had 18 months is that there were probably still another model(s) of their machines that WERE under warranty that had this problem. If/When the problem manifested, it would be covered. If it never manifested, or did so out side of the warranty period, the machine met it’s life expectancy and so was no longer their problem. I’m not saying I agree with it, just explaining.

          We have 2000+ PC’s where I work. I am the technician charged with making sure the hardware is functional. Were are strictly an IBM campus so this is all I do. About 3 years ago we had about 600 machines develop a problem with capacitors on the mobos. They would swell and even burst, leaving the PC unbootable. After I had replaced several of these under warranty, I decided to check for an ECA and sure enough, I found one. They didn’t tell me, didn’t contact me through email or phone call and I was sending 3-4 boards a week back to them for replacement. I had to find it myself. The reason? In their view, not all boards would develop this problem and they were not going to fix a problem that had not manifested if they didn’t have to.

          When we had another 300+ do the same thing a few months later (completely different models and architecture) I immediately flagged and looked for another ECA. One did not exist. We called IBM and fought with them to let us change the boards in mass like we had done the previous 600. They said we only had a 4% failure rate, at that time, and needed a min of 11% before they could do anything. We finally got them to agree to a mass board rotation and 2 weeks later, what do you know, and ECA was released.

          This was all just a few months before they revealed they were going to outsource their PC/Laptop production. Lenovo has yet to impress me.

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          Same problem…Dell fixed it.

          by darinhamer ·

          In reply to Here’s why…

          Dell released some kind of information about motherboards having capacitors swelling and leaking on some of their motherboards. They affected motherboards from a particular period in the past.

          At home, I bought a Dell that I purchased within that time frame. I have never had a problem with it. I haven’t looked at the capacitors, but I’ve had it for 3 1/2 years, so figure it has lasted as long as I can really expect it to anyway.

          But we are an all Dell shop at work. We have about 5,000 desktops and a few hundred servers. Everything we buy/lease is Dell. So I suppose that makes a difference. But THEY came in and located all of the computers that we picked up during that time period (probably around 3,000) and replaced ALL of the motherboards on those computers. Our techs didn’t have to do anything except give them directions.

          Now, I feel like Dell was just doing what they SHOULD be doing, but after reading some of these posts, I think we should really appreciate the kind of service we get from Dell. We have an agreement with them that if we order a part, it has to be at our site within 4 hours. They don’t always make it, but they’re not ever far off. We get a lot of good attention from them.

        • #3222903

          IBM offered

          by stacybc ·

          In reply to Same problem…Dell fixed it.

          IBM offered to do the change out for us, but our administrators didn’t want to cause a lot of people to have to work on IBM’s schedule. We are a University and so we have to work around class schedules. It is much easier for the faculty here for us to work around their schedules than the other way around. And the faculty gets what the faculty wants. The administrators spoil ’em.

          We also have a lot of anti-IBM voices on campus and there was a fear that a mass rollout would fuel their fire. So the obvious solution was for me and 2-3 others to handle the entire project ourselves. With an average of 15-20 minutes per machine and over 900 machines in total at 3 different campuses… you do the math. IBM promised to have the first 600 done in 2 days. Took us much longer.

        • #2612757

          Replacement motherboard

          by jonbel ·

          In reply to Folks, I got ya all Beat

          According to the motherboard for the T30 (FRU 26P8238) has been replaced by
          FRU 91P7213 . My T30 also lost a simm socket
          close to the CPU.

        • #3275044

          “Johnnie hit her too”

          by damien05 ·

          In reply to Do you think this is a “Lenovo Only” Problem?

          Steven, the fact that you also had problems with other manufacturers isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement. I too have dealt with many manufactureres, but when I “upgraded” to an IBM Thinkpad, I expected a a little more. I’m more of a user than a tech so I won’t bore you with the littany of problems I’ve had with the IBM notebook, suffice to say I’m glad I kept my arsenel of HP’S. “We stink, but so do they” isn’t the kind of logo I expected, but judging from the majority of letters here, it’s duly earned.

        • #3276334

          The market has (de)-evolved

          by matt.midson ·

          In reply to “Johnnie hit her too”

          What I have noticed over the last few years with Compaq being absorbed by HP and Dell under cutting the market is the quality of support of all vendors has declined.

          It costs money to provide these support services and keep parts in stock. Public companies are not interested in putting the money into areas that will not contribute to the bottom line. IMHO, five years or so ago, before companies like Dell had the influence in the market they have today, vendors could make enough money on the hardware they were selling in order to help fund these other peripheral areas that go along providing hardware.

          I run a business and I am just as guilty as the next company. I used to run an online store where I sold hardware and software at prices that had very little mark-up, but everything was sold on a vendor warranty basis because I was not charging full retail. When things did break and people complain that it takes 6 weeks or more for the vendor to fix it, well I say be prepared to pay full retail. That way the company can afford to keep spare parts so if they test it and find that it is faulty it can be swapped at the reseller level and the reseller can then deal with the vendor.

          But whilst the market continues to make price the number one factor in determining who they are going to buy from then you will continue to see services drop off in other areas.

          Here in Australia, vendors now offer notebooks under $1000 AUD…..but where have they cut the corners in order to do this.

          In the end you get what you pay for.

        • #3215880

          I paid for better service

          by jr_hearty ·

          In reply to The market has (de)-evolved

          This is a case where I haven’t gotten what I paid for. The Thinkpad marketing has always focused on having better service and more durable machines. Thinkpads sell for 10-20% above the other manufacturers. In addition, you can purchase extended warranties with enhanced service. This is what my company did and instead of owning up to the problem, IBM/Lenovo strung us along. We had an employee who was effected by not having his machine for 6 weeks. I’ve had to spend valuable time speaking with several people from IBM in addition to my boss. I’ve been left feeling ill will toward Lenovo.

          What they should have done in the beginning was replace the laptop right away or at least offer me compensation for the trouble. It would have gone a long way.

        • #3218815

          I agree, but what can we, “The Market” do about this

          by matt.midson ·

          In reply to I paid for better service

          When I say “you”, it is in the context of “The Market”. It is the market that tolerated the drop off in quality. But what alternative do we really have?

          I do agree with you, to give you an example, we purchased HP desktops to run as low end cluster nodes. The marketing stated it supported SUSE and Windows XP and was able to hold 4 GB of RAM. Only to find that after the purchase the whole 4 GB was not being presented to the OS (About 3.2 GB it was not using 700 mb in Video). To cut a long story short, the twit in the call centre would not provide support because we were running SUSE Linux and NetWare, and that was not on his script and when we attempted to get the support we needed, he could not even forward my call on to someone in the company who could help. He even attempted to tell me that HP does not support Linux.

          In this example the product didn’t even live up to its advertised specification, but what can we do? I am sure we all have horror stories about parts not meeting expectation, but having to push on due to project deadlines.

          Yes we can vent in these forums, makes us feel better, but they really don’t care. All they worry about is shipping boxes.

          ….I will leave it hear as I can feel a rant/sermon coming on…

          What can we do????

          I challenge a Vendor who might be reading this to comment on what we are all collectively saying. We demand better service and support for your products, especially if we have paid for it!!

        • #3218783

          Lone Ranger

          by shooter45 ·

          In reply to I agree, but what can we, “The Market” do about this

          “What can we do?”…..We can accept that the “times-are-a-changin.” Like historical Employer/Employee relationships have been vaporized and replaced with….what? who knows. It’s a work in progress. Same with Vendors and Customers. Currently over half the advanced countrys’ populations either rarely, or never use a computer. Where-as T.V. and/or telephone use is virtually 100%. The reason, of course is that the vendors of those products designed and built gadgets that a mentally impaired monkey could operate. So what’s the deal with computer makers? Don’t they want the other 50%? For the answer to that, I went to the keeper, the holy grail, of knowledge…….my brother. M.I.T, Harvard, Berkeley, PHD. I say, “yo Mikey, what gives?” Gently, he explains to his younger brother that technology, at this point in it’s trajectory, is simply moving too fast to worry about consumers. Engineers, designers, and programmers have made a conscious decision to design and communicate with, and for each other, at the expense of comsumers. There’s so few of them, so many of us. They had no choice. Eventually, of course, the pendulum will reverse, and equilibrium will return. Normal market forces will re-establish themselves. Supply and demand, and normal competition will reappear. But for now, innovation is still “pedal to the metal” and the inevitable by-product is lousy service.

        • #3226261

          What can yoiu do?

          by danetter ·

          In reply to I agree, but what can we, “The Market” do about this

          From a retired individual:
          What happened to user’s groups? A group with significant independence from the vendor does have a possible avenue that could attract real attention. Buy some shares in the company, if it is a public company. You don’t need a million shares to become at least a nuisance to management. You, as an investor, can get in touch with some elevated officers. As Peter Lynch pointed out, you don’t have to tell them how many shares you own. Tell them your shares are held “in street name” — ie, your broker holds the shares for you. The company has no way to know that you actually own the princely total of one share. A modest investment gets you access to shareholder’s meetings. There is a problem if the meetings are in Beijing and the language is Chinese, of course. But a sizable user’s group could have a small investment for the price per person of Starbuck’s coffee cup.
          I don’t know if something like this would accomplish much. But can a company ignore a question from an investor who knows of serious rumblings from users and is concerned about the impact of losses of customers due to bad experiences with customer support?

        • #3218235

          Shareholder Value

          by cs ·

          In reply to I paid for better service

          The reduced service people describing here is all down to “Shareholder Value”. That is the process of cost cutting by large corporations. These cost savings are generated by transferring the cost of support onto their customers, with longer call wait times, low technical skill support staff, lack of inventory.

          It is a short term strategy which makes the company accounts look better, but only lasts so long as the public do not realise that they have been duped.

          As more goods are imported from the newly developing countries the support problems will get worse. These guys are interested in expansion and do not have a rear view mirror.

          The answer is to complain hard and long, don’t get trapped in the Support Desk trap. Their function is to answer calls not to provide support. Go and track down the Company executives and call them or send personal letters of complaint.

        • #3217319

          Good Idea

          by jr_hearty ·

          In reply to Shareholder Value

          Tracking down executives is a good idea. Is there a website that lists Lenovo’s top executives in the U.S.?

        • #3223473

          Personal letters are laughable

          by the admiral ·

          In reply to Shareholder Value

          I think it is funny that many people think that sending a letter to those executives and shareholders will make a difference. The fact of the matter is that if they are on the stock market then the only thing they are worried about is a) covering their own buns, b) milking the company for all it is worth, and c) doing what they have to the make sure that they are making the most money for themselves.

          Why else would IBM, who had double digit profits still be whacking people? They care ZERO about if you are satisfied with the product. It is cheaper for them to gain a new customer than it is to satisfy the current customer.

          Me – I build my own desktops. Laptops are a bit harder to do, so I go around the corner to the local computer company who can make it to the way I want, support it the way I want…

          … and if I have to choke the S**t out of the pencil neck geek on the other side who constantly says “I’m sorry…” then I have the ability to do so.

        • #3218688

          You have a point But….

          by leoforward ·

          In reply to Do you think this is a “Lenovo Only” Problem?

          Lenovo or any other manufacturer with whom a contract exists to provide support should have procedures in place to communicate with their customers. We might not like what we hear, but knowing that your support provider has not lost your problem in the cracks is at least a little reassuring. My experience with these situations is that customer service matters a great deal and is one area in which every manufacturer with which I have had to work fails. One company where I worked used a third party provider. Their follow-up was quite good even though occasionally I had to tell their tech how to do something.

          I experienced a similar problem with a car manufactured in Europe. The part took four months to arrive, but the service department updated me once a week. I didn’t like using public transportation to go to work at first, but at least I knew my problem was not forgotten. I even had the opportunity to evaluate their performance. I might add after four months I came to appreciate the time to read the newspaper on the way to work and to decompress on the way home. I still use the trains fairly often.

    • #3275108

      What did you expect

      by chmficx ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      from a company based in China?

      It’s time to put a stop to MFN trading status for this gang. They’ve virtually ignored our decade-long pleas to allow their currency to float internationally, extort huge sums to allow American companies to compete in their country and flood the KMarts, WalMarts and J.C. Penneys with their cheap junk.

      Stop them now.

      • #3215801

        The American Way

        by mippernick ·

        In reply to What did you expect

        I agree, but the solution doesn’t lie with Chinese regulations or even the US govt babysitting our purchases.

        The solution comes when US consumers start putting money back into the US economy buy purchasing higher priced US products to give the edge back to US markets.

        Nobody who owns a product made overseas, when they could have purchased one made in USA has any right to complain.

        I’m not really any better than anyone else, tho. I do try not to buy what I don’t need so that I have more money to buy locally what I do. It’s not an easy principle to hold.

        • #2832183

          But its near impossible to boycott a countries products

          by slayer_ ·

          In reply to The American Way

          Like I make a point to never buy Bangladesh clothing cause it always loses 50% of its size on its first wash. But everything is made in china.
          Hell, catch a fish in Canada, it is filleted in the states, sent to China to be packaged, sent back to states to be distributed back to Canada where it is then marked “Fresh”.

    • #3275096

      Even when it was still IBM…

      by suirauqa ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      the ThinkPad series still used to suck. Back in 2003, my co-worker got a T-series (then top of the line) which with all the onsite warranties etc. cost him $4500, typical of the overpriced and under-performing s*** that IBM laptops (Not desktops, though) were. Within a couple of years, he had to have his monitor changed three times (whether through a defect or the ineptness of the technician who came out to do the job – I don’t know). Even then, his computer – till early this year (when he trashed it) – had a weird problem, that we never got to solve. In order for his computer to stay working and not freeze, he had to keep streaming music through Winamp! It was quite funny, because immediately after booting his computer, he has to mute the speaker and switch on Winamp, otherwise the computer would crash. We decided eventually that it was perhaps an issue with the wireless, because the computer also froze if it was not getting a wireless reception from our router (in the event the router was reset or powered down).

      Edited: to make an expletive clearer by hiding a part of it 😉

      • #3223042


        by jeffdewitt ·

        In reply to Even when it was still IBM…

        I have two ThinkPads, an old X20/X21 and a R40. The X20 gave me no trouble at all for years until I basically wore it out, but it never quit working. The R40 I use every day, have used it hard for over two years, and am using to write this. Only problem is the battery is now dying but that’s to be expected… oh, and I’ve used it so much that the letters are starting to wear off some of the keys!

        There are ThinkPads and then there are ThinkPads, some are much better than others, some were IBM designs and IBM watched over their manufacture carefully (or in the old days actually built them themselves), others were basically some other companies design with the ThinkPad logo stuck on it.

        In the interest of full disclosure where I work we take in new customer returns and end of lease IBM/Lenovo machines, so I see a LOT of these things.

        Jeff DeWitt

    • #3275052


      by equalizer ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      Sorry, other than the occasional goof that was reading from a script, so I made an excuse to call back later and get someone else… I have had good results with the service on Thinkpad line of notebooks from IBM/Lenovo (not to be confused with the straight non-Thiinkpad Lenovo notebooks). Then again I have only opted in for the depot service?. Which has always been a quick turn around time, in my experience.
      I have had much worse results with Dell, HP and Toshiba in regards to hardware support? But one of the things I always do is make a commitment to when there would be a follow up, make it a short time out, have the tech?s name, date and time and case number – Then if I didn?t receive the follow up, initiate it myself and get management involved if I had an unacceptable non-resolution of case or them dropping the ball.

      • #3275008

        I agree with you.

        by jr_hearty ·

        In reply to Lenovo

        Good post. I have to admit I have also had good experiences with IBM/Lenovo up to this point.

    • #3275020

      Laptops In General

      by tanzerguy ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      Yeah, Lenovo has problems. I know, I worked there as a contractor for three weeks before they shipped my job to China. They’re doing that to lots of folks here as they dismantle the old IBM PC division. Lenovo looks and sounds and tastes just like IBM at their muddled worst. Except China uses slave labor to boot. It’s real easy to make cheap products when you don’t have to pay your work force, as the inside of any Wal-Mart will verify. The problem is, when you’re selling a cheap, complex product using slave labor, you tend to run into problems with quality. For some reason, slave laborers don’t put their hearts into their jobs the same way paid workers do. Who’d’a thought??

      However, that isn’t my main point. The thread seems to be focusing on laptop problems. Perhaps the problem is….. laptops themselves.

      They’re expensive. They overheat as components get faster and more complex, and laptops themselves always strive to get smaller. They get banged around. Laptop batteries are now starting to explode – too much energy stored in too small a space will always have that hazard. Laptops are astonishingly delicate in many instances and very difficult to work on, even with hard-to-get service manuals, special tools, etc.

      My theory is: unless you need the portability, or are desperate for desk space, don’t get one. As beguiling as they are, as super cool as they look, they’re money pits. They need special, custom parts – if they’re not available, as we see in this thread, you’re screwed. A laptop can almost never be upgraded; if it is the process is usually nightmarish. (I once upgraded a Thinkpad 755CDV from a 486 to a Pentium processor; the process was about a complex as rebuilding a car engine.)

      While computer manufacturers are at it, simplifying desktop case construction would be a blessing. Every new Dell and HP has a new, mysterious way of 1) opening the case and 2) adding a hard drive or CD-ROM. Whatever happened to good old fashioned screws? Or the brief vogue of hinging the side of the computer case, circa 1994? It’s a box with a frame in it, for gosh sakes; it’s not a Space Shuttle. Nowadays I don’t recommend ANY manufactured desktop PC; I recommend only clone PCs using standard parts. A drive should slide right in and screw into place; there shoud be room for cables and hands to attach them; there should be room for air to cool things down. This is not supposed to be rocket science.

      Clone PCs also tend to overheat a lot less. I’ve seen a bunch of “compact desktop” Dell PCs the last few years where the components inside were too hot to touch when they were running, and capacitors were melting from overheating, so the PC would fail. Too much juice, too many components, too much heat, in too small a space. But it’s a great way to sell another PC! Oh yeah, we just went from a three year to a one year warranty, too, as if by magic, what a coincidence.

      The “we don’t have those parts” and “We have the parts but they’re three times as expensive as close parts” and “no, you can’t have a service manual with your PC or laptop” are either gross incompetence or blackmail, pure and simple, on the part of PC manufacturers. “Say, we can’t fix your three month old PC, but we can sell you a new one….”

      Remember Ford’s advertising slogan from the early 80s – “Have you driven a Ford lately?” It seemed to translate to “We used to suck, but we’re better now – honest! Come gamble a small fortune with us, and see if we’re telling you the truth this time!”

      as long as we reward PC manufacturers who treat us like this with yet more business, these type of problems will continue. Slashing unnecessary laptop sales would be a great place to start. “Voting with your pocketbook” is a corner stone of capitalist economics anyway.

    • #3275009


      by jr_hearty ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      Okay…So on Wednesday, I got a call from a complaint resolution manager. He said he was putting in a request for a replacement laptop. He called back on Friday and said the request had been rejected because…the part was going to be in today – October 30th.
      He was going to leave it at that, but I just had to tell him that I was completely dissatisfied with the service and that I felt like they needed to compensate us for the inconvenience. He said he’d find out what he could do and get back to me. We’ll see.
      A technician was supposed to call and set up another appointment, but so far no phone call.

      Thanks for your commments so far. I agree with most of them. My company standardized on Thinkpads about 2 years ago. Previously, we all had Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100s. They were a nightmare. Every single one we had failed during their leasing period…but I never had to wait a month to get one fixed.

      I know and expect that a certain percentage of laptops will fail during their lifecycle. That’s why we pay extra for 2 or 3 year extended warranties.

      I would be understanding if it had been a week delay…but 1+ month? The computer should have been replaced as soon as they realized the parts weren’t going to be there. Instead, I was strung along.

      I am expecting IBM to issue my company a refund for the warranty. Do you think they’ll do that? I’ll let you know.

      • #3218462


        by darinhamer ·

        In reply to Update

        I don’t think you will see a dime out of them. It’ll be interesting to see, though.

      • #3218271

        Good Luck

        by y2ktoou ·

        In reply to Update

        I’ve been waiting for a lousy $12.59 credit from AT&T to be sent to me in the form of a check for disconnecting telephone service in the San Fran Bay Area on Sept 24th. Contacted AT&T last week asking what’s going on? Was told the check was mailed out on the 10th of Oct from somewhere inside Calif (cust serv rep didn’t know what city???) Told’em I hadn’t received the damn thing and it’d been over two weeks.

        Rep stated she’d cancel the first check sent to my old address in Calif and send another to my new address here in Oregon.

        Not holding my breath that it’ll arrive before Thanksgiving. Once again Corporate is taking their damn ass sweet time in getting money due to a former customer back to them. But be a day late with payment to AT&T and they’ll cancel your service in a Heartbeat! What a crock.

        And you think your employer is going to get a refund on the extended warranty you purchased from Lenovo? HaH

    • #3276523

      Lenovo seems to have traded quality for profits

      by ike_c ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      We bought the original PC’s and Flatscreen monitors under the IBM name. They were of solid construction, good quality and worked well. Soon after Lenovo has changed the PC’s to cheap motherboards, PCI hard disk drives some schlock off the wall bios.

    • #3276436

      This is a case of………

      by yanipen ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      a mixture of Traditional Chinese Management Style and that of Western Management Style, wherein those Traditional guys is in top of the food chain. Is it vauge? Yes it is, the same thing (take it as not clear) happening to you.

      Take it from me. It is bad to badmouth your employer. I am just stating a fact without the badmouth.

      What you can do? Have plenty of patience because these guys are overly retro-active. RETRO-ACTIVE. Not reactive or proactive. They just react very, very, very late, and when they do, they are very, very, very short shighted.

      Save up, hopefully, for another laptop.

      I have said my piece.

    • #3276350

      Had a problem with Dell

      by a.techno.geek ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      I have a friend that received a premium from Dell, a Flash drive. His computer at home was a Windows XP machine so everything worked fine at home with the Flash drive. But, he wanted to use it on my computer and it is Windows 98 machine. So I figured I would get hold of Dell’s on-line techs. Bad decision, I was trying to communicate with an Indian tech. When all was said and done I had realized I was conversing with some one from India. Last statement says it, “Oh! I would not be knowing about Flash drives, I am Laptop Technician!” Needles to say I finely found what I was looking for, the manufacture of the Flash Drive so I could look up drivers to use with Windows 98. Guess where I found the name of the company? I found it in the “Dell Forum”. Click on the link in the reply, downloaded the drivers and it worked just great on my Windows 98 machine. I know it is not necessarily the same as your problem, but it is a problem when people can not understand one another. Even worse when you are told you are F**KED for your computer. If worse comes to worse sue, in small claims. Because you can put a lein against the company then, even if you don’t collect, At least you would have the satisfaction of holding up any more sales of anything until you are taken care of.

    • #3276642

      Lenovo Service does stink!!

      by ajewell ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      I totally agree – Lenovo support stinks!!
      We purchased 6 Lenovo 3000 N100 laptops and one just would not set up properly.
      Called Lenovo support and, in short, did 4-5 recovery attempts without any luck, sent the laptop back to Lenovo – came back with the same problems. Lenovo sent us 2 different hard drives without any luck.
      The reseller stepped in and contacted Lenovo and finally, finally, they agreed that the laptop was a lemon and we were able to send it back to Lenovo and recover our costs.
      There should be an easier way to return crappy hardware without jumping thru hoops.
      I’ll never buy another Lenovo laptop again.

    • #3276620

      I have to disagree strongly.

      by devguy ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      I bought my Thinkpad from in May 2004. Came with a 3 year warranty. Two years later, I had a problem with the video freezing up. I called on a Monday night. On Tuesday a box showed up, and Tuesday evening I shipped it out. On Thursday morning, it was returned, repaired.

      Just last night (at 8pm), I logged a service request online, but, because I’m not patient, I called also. Spoke to someone in Atlanta. My hard drive is getting flaky. I described it, and they agreed to send me a new hard drive (with OS pre-installed). I should receive it in about 2 days. While I was talking with them, they called my cell phone from the online request.

      This has been my experience. No voice mail hell. Talk to a live person within seconds any time of the day or night.

      It may be because I said it was for my company, instead of a home user. Not sure. But I’ve been _very_ pleased with their service.

      I can’t imagine many can top it.

      Good luck!

      Oh, yeah, forgot to mention. You can go to their site, and it will detect your laptop model and serial number, and tell you when your warranty expires. Pretty convenient.

      • #3216033

        Me Too

        by ddawson5 ·

        In reply to I have to disagree strongly.

        I am an IT professional and had the need to get a replacement for a users’ faulty T41 Laptop. Not a part, the whole machine. Long history of problems, most actually not related to the hardware at all, but Lenovo USA agreed to send us a replacement T42 and let us send the old one out for repair and keep it for a (business) spare. So, I am and have been pro-IBM/Lenovo for a while. I still have a 4+ year old T21 that runs like a champ. Parts problems happen. Make them replace the whole thing if you can.

      • #3218566


        by devguy ·

        In reply to I have to disagree strongly.

        My replacement hard drive arrived, as promised, two days later. In talking with the techie, I told him I could not find my original installation disks, and that it would be a bonus if he sent me new ones. They arrived as well. I haven’t yet swapped out the disks yet, but I am pleased with them keeping their promise…

        Clearly, some have been very pleased, and many have not. I just wanted to share my *good* experiences with IBM/Lenovo, so that everyone doesn’t think that they are uniformly horrible.

        I’m curious, though. For those (in America, anyway), that tout Dell, Compaq, HP, Gateway, etc., when you call customer support at 8pm in the evening, are you tranferred (within seconds, no voice mail hell, no ‘all our reps are servicing other customers’ on hold for 40 minutes) to a rep in Atlanta that speaks clearly and is knoweledgable? Or to an offshore rep that can barely speak English and only follows a script?

        While some on this thread are in agreement that they’ve had adequate or even excellent support from IBM/Lenovo, most are giving negative comments. How about some positive comments from people with experiences from other vendors?

        And FWIW, I do not have any association or stock in any of the companies, at all. Just a satisfied Thinkpad customer that will buy from them again.

      • #3218435

        Me too

        by alvarocervantes ·

        In reply to I have to disagree strongly.

        I had the best service (home pick up and return in no time) when it came down to a broken laptop; which is rare. I have used all the laptop brands and IBM is the best I ever had; specially when using Linux as the OS.

    • #3276561


      by bmwwaterman ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      We are a Lenovo shop. I’ve tested Dells, Compaq’s, MPC, HP, etc. The Lenovo desktop and laptop stood above and beyond all those. However, we run into replacement parts problems like that every so often too. But had the same experience with Compaq, Gateway, etc. So for the most part, this is what companies are doing to save money with this “just in time inventory” phase. I believe it’s all part of the “game”. Less service and more profit. The problem really lies in the fact that we have growen to accept it now-a-days.

    • #3216023

      It’s everywhere.

      by mike_parr ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      Guys, reading this thread, I think we all know that this is common within the industry and isn’t just limited to home users, businesses put up with it too and to be honest it is all our own fault in that even from the early days we were prepared to accept second rate service. Add to this that most of the call centres are now located overseas (which create their own inherrent problems) and we can quickly understand why service/support is so bad.

      However, I’m sure that there are good stories too, I know on a personal level of tech support who have gone above and beyond their remit. I’ve dealt with returns departments who have sent out replacement kit without requiring anything more than a delivery address, I recall a borland rep, when I queried problems with a particular app I was trying to use, when he found out I was a student, sent me fully functional copies of all their product range, so there is the good and the baaaaaaaaad 😉

      And finally, hope my IT dept don’t hav the same problem if/when my thinkpad fails – seems they only spec IBM and lo and behold, last thursday a Lenovo arrived on my desk – should I be worried?

    • #3215936

      Gotta Love it…..

      by rkendsley ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      While I’m reading replies, etc to this post there on the right side of my screen is a Lenovo add for the Lenovo 3000 N100 Notebook (What’s up with all the numbers anyway, one set of designation numbers is not good enough?). Anyway I just thought it was ironic, or moronic. And today is 11/01/06 8:30 PST and the $100.00 off offer in the add expired yesterday. Great web programming there guys.

    • #3215883

      Laptop Fixed

      by jr_hearty ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      Okay…well the part came in and the laptop is back in action.

      Still, I am pretty dissatisfied with the ordeal.

      In IBM/Lenovo’s favor, I must say that everyone I spoke with was polite and well spoken. I hadn’t had a negative experience with them before this.

      As for negatives, they’ve really cost themselves a lot of goodwill from me. A complaint manager was supposed to call me back to let me know how IBM/Lenove was going to make up for the 6 weeks my user was without his laptop. He never did and that’s the root of the problem.

      Were my expectations too high?

      I can’t help but think that this wouldn’t have happened before the Lenovo buyout. Unfortunately, there’s not much to do about it.

      • #3218674

        One bad apple

        by castleon ·

        In reply to Laptop Fixed

        My company uses IBM/Leveno and I have had 3 laptops replaced/repaired next day.. then I had a desktop go out and got into this.. they had no idea when the parts would come in. Eventually I asked for someone who would know and found out the part came in and no one picked it up so it went back. I had been dealing with them for weeks, when ‘we’ pay for elevated service plans (ie next day). So this issues does make me sour, but how quickly have I forgot the 3-4 others times they were on the ball? Overall their service has been good. Right now anoter tech is having the same issue & I set him this link.

        • #3218605

          Very true..

          by jr_hearty ·

          In reply to One bad apple

          I agree with you. The service I have received from IBM has been stellar…up to this point. Hopefully, Lenovo will continue the trend, but I have my doubts.

        • #3218451

          How about…

          by darinhamer ·

          In reply to One bad apple

          …you only pay for 3/4 of the extra service you are paying for? I mean since 3 out of 4 of your experiences were good and one horrible, you should probably only have to pay for the three experiences right? 😉

          But seriously, you pay just as much for the bad experiences as you do for the good ones. The key may be to start talking to people’s bosses and not just the schmucks you get answering the phones. And your complaint manager probably has a manager to manage complaints about the complaint manager as well. I’d talk to the complaint manager complaint manager. 🙂

    • #3218741

      They did good for me…

      by your mom 2.0 ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      …but that was a couple of years ago.

      I had a user with an IBM notebook with a similar problem. Specifically, the picture quality became choppy even during booting. I also purchased an extended warranty, but what I got didn’t include on-site support. I called, placed the RMA, and they sent me a box to ship the unit back to them. It took a day to receive the box and RMA paperwork. I shipped the unit out that Friday before 2 and received the replacement unit on Tuesday.

      Of course, that was IBM support I contacted and it was an IBM-branded Lenovo notebook. Since then, Lenovo probably has more of a role in customer service / tech support instead of IBM.

    • #3218358

      Well, there core market IS big companies

      by mdhealy ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      Hmm, we use Lenovo laptops at work, but their support is a total non-issue: with something like 10 thousand* laptops company-wide we use our own internal support people. Since Lenovo mostly sells to corporate accounts I suspect a large fraction of their sales fall into the “no support needed” category, so end-user support is probably not a core competency for them!

      *this number is a guess: I know we have over 30,000 total employees and most of them have individual computers, but I’m guessing at the ratio of laptops to desktops.

    • #3218231

      Same story with EVESHAM in the UK

      by now left tr ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      Bought a laptop that had a keyboard failure (two keys) after 6 months.

      It was picked up and did not return for 3.5 months. This despite phonecalls & e-mails asking progress. WHEN it did return parts of the internals were missing (memory / wifi card) 512k of menory had been swiped and the wifi card (internal) has been changed for a lesser model.

      Phoned to be told that there was a problem with the machine and replacement parts would be sent out or it could be picked up again.

      Just got the parts sent – another 3 months later.

      NEVER use EVESHAM in the UK to buy a computer, NEVER.

    • #3217478

      Lenovo ThinkPad G41 problems

      by htbenway ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      In my previous job, we purchased 16 G41’s
      for use in mobile training classrooms. 2 were
      DOA on arrival & the merchant I purchased them
      from replaced. Since then I’ve sent at least 6 back for service, mostly LCD/Video/Moboard
      problems. The g41’s are definitely lemons. I even suggest to Lenovo that I wanted to exchange them for a different model under the
      “lemon law” – NO GP!!


    • #3217459

      Desktops are different?

      by xt john ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      We have installed over 700 IBM/Lenovo Net Vista and Think Centre PC’s over the last 3 years. Aside from a bad batch of Hard drives (which they made good on, and sent a tech to back up data and replace with new drives on 60 machines), they have been very reliable machines. And anytime we need a part, we get them next day. The few times we needed to have them send a tech out, they were there ASAP, never more than a few days. Again, we’re talking desktops, and a pretty large group of computers, a much different situation from an end user with a laptop.

    • #3217269

      Quality of service declining?

      by nengim ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      I call Lenovo service quite frequently. They have been pretty good, but as IBM slowly transitions to Lenovo, it seems like the quality of service is going down both at their call center and on-site service. We had a T43 down for a month and the tech made three trips before it was finally fixed. The onsite tech has been changed from an IBM employee to a service contractor. His territory has increased in size. We’ll see how it is in the future. Dell service has been pretty good the few times I’ve call them for easy stuff like a bad hard drive or CDROM.

      • #3218005

        Final Post

        by jr_hearty ·

        In reply to Quality of service declining?

        Well…Now that the original problem was resolved. I’ve had another G40 with a bad hard drive. Guess what?…The part is on back order….

    • #3225718

      Lenovo Fulfillment excuses

      by johnwdeal ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      Don’t believe the 8 to 10 day shipping statement on the Lenovo Website if you are ordering a laptop.
      I ordered a very expensive Thinkpad Z series Z61P three weeks ago and can’t even get a status.
      First … They blamed it on their computer (imagine that)saying that the computer posted the wrong ship date on the order
      Then … They said that they were out of the 100 gig disk.
      Now … they say that they are changing their order fulfillment software and the warehouse isn’t updating the order. (blame it on the computer again).
      What I thing is happening is Lenovo doesn’t want the IBM logo on the laptops so they’re holding the orders until the cases say the right thing.
      Anyway … if you want you’re computer in a timely manner … go to Dell.

    • #3223697

      Long time user of Lenovo

      by craiglarry9 ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      I live in China and have had three lenovo computer in eight years and seldom use their service. Yet perhaps they suffer from American Syndrome. They have always been swift and on the ball with me. In fact the first computer, which was brand named Legend in those days, after five years of always on service did not wear out but became too slow and too low in mem so I moved up. In fact I still use the HD from that computer with a USB attachment. When I have needed them they are always in my home between one and 6 hours and meet every need. Sorry you have had this problem. I have a warm feeling for them.

      • #3223686


        by darinhamer ·

        In reply to Long time user of Lenovo

        What exactly do you imagine the “American Syndrome” to be?

        • #3223530

          Maybe you’re too close to see it

          by craiglarry9 ·

          In reply to What?

          Almost everytime I have anything to do with America, I see a screwed up condition. Seems to me, and I don’t think as you suggest I’m imagining it, that there has been a continuing decline for several years, not only in computer services and products, but in many things. Look for example at the once great American Auto Industry. And if you have not had to do it, you might ask around about Gov services and the condtions regarding government many people have to try to survive in. At any rate, though there are surely other reasons than the Amer Syn involved, America does influence companies by its very nature that were good before they entered, such as Lenovo.

        • #3222932


          by darinhamer ·

          In reply to Maybe you’re too close to see it

          I am so sick of people bashing America every chance they get. It seems we can’t do anything right or good. And yet boatloads of people from other countries, including China, flock to come here. I wonder why, since it is all a “screwed up condition.” It might be that since you’re living in a screwed up condition, you can’t recognize a good situation when you see it. If your head is filled with Chinese propoganda, then America probably does look pretty screwed up to you.

          And with regard to Lenovo, they purchased the Thinkpad business from an American company. From all accounts, the Thinkpad and the customer service people got from IBM were great, but since Lenovo, a Chinese company, has taken over, quality and service have declined. Don’t blame that on America. It is the Chinese syndrome (not to be confused with the China sydrome). 😉

          As far as government services go, I guess it depends on your perspective, and since you are writing from within a communist country, it seems that you might have a warped perspective on American government services. But I happen to know that The US government is working hard to deliver services in faster, more efficient, more user-friendly ways. But then, I don’t depend on government services to survive on a daily basis (for food, sustenance, what have-you) and neither do the vast majority of Americans.

          America is not perfect, to be sure. But I wouldn’t trade living here for living in China, my friend. I’ll take lousy customer service if that is what it takes to live here.

        • #3139314

          Calm yourself,don’t strain your heart

          by craiglarry9 ·

          In reply to Nonsense

          I lived in China because my family are Chinese and this is what they want, not because of my political alliance. I’m not a communist as 95% of the Chinese are not, darinhamer. The original question was about service and in China Lenovo is still an excellent, dependable company. I’m a retired teacher getting SS checks, which by the way are not in any way some dole the govenment hands out to poor people who don’t want to work but who are old, as I am. It is a right I earned by working and making payments to the gov all my work life. Right now my check which comes by US diplomatic courier has gone missing again. But I should have expected this kind of service because I had to apply three times for SS benefits before they took hold and actually worked,and that was after I contacted a man in the Phillipines who became my rep and really did a good job and got everything going in short order. Do you think I like the way things are. I’m saddened and distressed at the current state of America!
          You’ve raised so many questions it’s impossible to answer them all here. I love America and the American principles which have made America the greatest Nation the world has ever seen. And one of the freedoms we have as Americans is the right to express our opinions and observations and criticisms unmolested and freely. I came to China as a representative of the common man to give Chinese a better idea of what America and the American way is. So you really have no right to attack as you have. If you are interested in carrying on a meaningful dialogue more appropriately than in this forum, darinhamer, I give my email If someone chooses to attack with malware then I will feel sadder yet for the country I lived in for 55 years and have loved all my life.

        • #3202568

          My heart is fine, thank you.

          by darinhamer ·

          In reply to Calm yourself,don’t strain your heart

          Forever more. I did not attack you. Good grief, I expressed my opinion the same way you did. And part of my opinion is I get tired of hearing about how bad America is getting. If you think America is getting bad, that is your opinion, and you have a right to it. But I have a right to mine as well, and I’m not just going to read the anti-American stuff on here any more without saying something.

          The point to my post is that by living in China, you have a limited perspective. I suspected you were not Chinese and I was not calling you a communist. But, you live in a country controlled by communists and I suspect you get a lot of Chinese propoganda thrown at you. That affects your perspective. The fact that your social security check can’t seem to find you may not be indicative of everyone on social security, but perhaps those who receive social security and live in another country. The point is that it would be hard to judge fairly how the US government works when you aren’t living here. I think another way of looking at your situation is that it is pretty amazing that you can get a social security check at all when you live in China, let alone have it hand-delivered. Grant it, it is tough to get, but I think it says a lot about America, the extent to which they will go to get you your social security check.

          And by the way, I did not mean to suggest that if you are on social security you’re taking a handout. Forgive me if it sounded that way. Yes, you paid in to social security and you have a right to get something back out of it. My point was that in China, because they are a communist state, people are more dependent on government services for daily needs. But then, I’ve never been to China, so I am also speaking from a limited perspective.

          I certainly did not mean for my post to be a personal attack. I just wanted to point out that people are in the habit of blaming everything that is bad in business or the world on “the American Syndrome” or something like it, and I am getting tired of it. We’re not perfect, but there is a lot of good here. People, especially other Americans, need to stop taking a glass-is-half-empty look at everything and start counting some of the good things we do. Good or bad, there would not be a Lenovo Thinkpad if it were not for America and an American company. It seems, now, that that innovation is going to benefit a Chinese company and many Chinese people. There is something good to be said here. It is not all bad.

        • #3222918


          by darinhamer ·

          In reply to Maybe you’re too close to see it

          …check out this post (#18 above).

          This seems like a more reasonable explanation to Lenovo’s problems than “The American Syndrome.” It is the “small company groing too fast syndrome.”

    • #3223478

      Just remember Lenovo is still IBM

      by the admiral ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      Just remember that Lenovo is still IBM. All of IBM’s old employees were transitioned over to Lenovo, so you get the same great service (toungue in cheek) and the same great product (whistling) for twice as their competitor.

    • #3139324

      sure seems like it

      by huoml ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      I bought Thinkpad T42 about 6 months ago for my son. The os-install files were installed a partition on the HD and no seperate recovery CDs were shipped. I had to pay for the recovery CDs to create the original os-install partition.
      I think every pc whether laptop or desktop should have recovery CD-media shipped with it.

    • #3290043


      by bmwwaterman ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      I had one similiar to your situation about a month ago. I’m not fimiliar with the G series. We use the T series line, for business. But in either case, that level of service is not acceptable. Eventually, the part came in and it was fixed.

      I believe, right or wrong, we are paying for what we are getting. This “just in time inventory” that many businesses use has it’s downfall. That is they don’t have the parts in stock. As a result, we get this type of service. The margins on profits are so small and tight, they don’t keep stock for many reasons.

      This is the hidden cost of having low prices. A hidden cost that we pay for because the laptop is not fixed and not productive. I don’t like it, but who is going to listen to me? We just buy 200 or so a year plus the desktops. What we have done in our department is keep loaners available just in case we have a situation just like this one. A few times we just gave the employee a new laptop and redeployed their old fixed one to someone else.

      • #3289470

        Not just in time

        by darinhamer ·

        In reply to Yep

        There have been a few posts about this “just in time” inventory. But if they don’t have the parts, then it is not just in time. It is “way past time” inventory. The idea of just in time inventory is to always have a part when you need it, but never have to store more than you need. If they are having to wait weeks for parts, then their just in time inventory plan is not working.

    • #2502283

      Part out of StocK/

      by the admiral ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      Part out of stock? Then you demand a replacement system with all of the same features. If they refuse, then the BBB and the FTC will get them for you.

      if that don’t work, then you send a complaint to rip-off reports.

    • #2507474

      Situation Resolved

      by jr_hearty ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      I have to give IBM credit. I finally received a call from a Customer Complaint Resolution Manager from IBM. The guy basically asked me what he could do to make up with us for the the problems we had with the G41. I waited about 3 weeks to call the guy back.

      In the mean time, my laptop, which has been out of warranty for 4 months needs a new cooling fan, so I asked that they send me one.

      Unfortunately, IBM couldn’t send me the fan. Instead they extended my warranty for 1 year from this date forward. I think that’s pretty exceptional.

    • #2472161

      Preaching To The Choir

      by dhepp ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      I feel like we are all complaining to eachother, without anything being done. You can read plenty complaints of Lenovo’s lack of service, not one experience where Lenovo seemed to sincerely care about making up for customer satisfaction shortcommings. It appears to me that we are not getting through to Lenovo by complaining to one another, does anyone have any suggestions as to how we could change our approach to help Lenovo care? I was truly stunned by the customer service I recently received. I am a fervent online shopper and Lenovo stands out in my books for how (poorly) business is handled. Meanwhile their reputation goes unharmed. Any thoughts on where we can go to be heard? Thanks.

    • #3031860

      Lenovo Service is Amazing

      by taunee2 ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      I am coming to the end of my warranty. So reluctantly I decided to ship my laptop back for a few repairs. Noisy fan and sticky keys. I called them last week and the next day I had a box in the mail for me to ship my laptop back (with a return shipping label). OK MONDAY I ship my laptop off. Today is Wednesday and my laptop is repaired and in my hands. OMG I was expecting to be without it for a week or more. I have to say they are awesome.

    • #2832198

      My Problems with the SL500 and Lenovo Customer Service

      by radleybobins ·

      In reply to Lenovo Service Stinks

      I bought a Lenovo computer because my IBM ThinkPad was the best computer I have ever owned. When I was doing research, I noticed a new line coming out, the SL series, and decided it was time to buy a new computer. I was impressed by both the price and the series of safety features such as a roll case and hard drive disengagement due to dropping. But, it was quickly apparent that my new ThinkPad was not nearly as good as my old one, and has been plagued with problems that have caused me to send it in for months at a time. Since I got it a little over a year ago, I think it has been with Lenovo being fixed more than in my hands.

      The first time I sent my computer in, a mere 3 months after getting it, the screen had vertical lines across the screen, the hard drive was clicking and whirring, it would randomly turn off, two of the keys had popped off while typing, and it began to shock me. My computer was kept for over a month while ordering the parts. When it was returned to me, while most problems had been resolved, the shocking had not been fixed, and within a couple weeks the screen started to flash pink. At the time, I could not afford to send my computer back in, and I was able to reverse the problem for a few minutes at a time by pushing lightly on the speaker bar. A couple months later I finally had time to send it in, reported both problems, and my screen problem was promptly fixed within a couple weeks.

      Finally, in the beginning of December, I opened my computer and the plastic around the hinge snapped, making opening and closing the lid impossible. I immediately called customer service and they created a case number and made the order to send out a box. During the end of the call, the representative asked a series of safety and information questions including, “Does your computer produce any electrical shocks?” To this, I responded that it had, and that I had reported it on both my previous experiences, but that nothing had been fixed or addressed. I was told that my case needed to be escalated to the SWAT team, and that I would be sent a new box, one addressed to North Carolina. I was given a new case number and told to wait for the box. I waited a couple weeks, and when it did not arrive (only an old box to be sent to Atlanta had come), I called back. I was told that no box was sent out because they had found a different solution to my problem and never called to tell me or fill the order. I had to wait for Lenovo to send a different wall plug. I was told I would get a box after that for my computer?s hinge problem. Once I received the new wall-adapter and no extra box, I called back and was told by the SWAT team that my case had been closed after they send the replacement adapters and that I needed to call customer service back to get a new case for the hinge, the problem I actually called about. Please keep in mind I still could not open or close my computer during this time.

      So, once again, I called customer support, and this time, after being on hold for two and a half hours, I was told that my new case had been created and the box would be sent. I needed to leave town, so I left my computer, ready to be packed with my parents. My box still had not arrived when I returned a week later. I called again, was given a member of the shipping staff, who simply agreed with me that the box had not been sent, then put me back on the line with customer service to get yet another new case number so they could try to send yet another box.

      Finally a few days later I received my box. I sent it in, and about a week later received a message that that I caused the damages and that they were billable to me, for the amount of $350. I called back to explain the problem, and was told to wait a couple days and that they would explain this to a supervisor.

      Again nobody called me, so I called back and had to start over. This time, I was given a representative to handle my case, but then I was told that the damages were still billable to me, and they were going to email me pictures explaining why the repair would not be made for free. I received no pictures, called back, and, when neither my original representative (that I talked to first) or my new case representative was available, I refused to get off the phone until I spoke with a supervisor. After waiting nearly 20 minutes, he got on the phone, I explained this whole story, and he finally told me that he would call Atlanta himself to fix it. I finally received my computer back a week later.

      I was asked to fill out a customer survey, and filled it out with this exact story. I was contacted by Lenovo within a week, and the representative on the phone said that he was sorry about the problems, wanted some details on the case, and said he would call back to try and make the situation better and help them make up for their errors. After talking with him for almost 30 minutes, I never received a call back, and now, after giving them a chance, I would like to share my story so that other people do not make this error.

      While working at Indiana University Technology Services, I had previously recommended Lenovo computers many times to people I was working with or helping. I sincerely hope I did not cause them as much grief as I experienced over the past few months, and do not plan on recommending Lenovo computers in the future to anyone in the future.

      I estimate I’ve spent almost 20 hours of the phone with Lenovo, and my computer has been with them for nearly 4 months throughout the last year.

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