Lenovo ThinkPad auto-scroll down error

By milosek_88 ·
i've got ThinkPad T61, WinXp Pro and sometimes it keeps scrolling down page at all apps(Firefox/Internet Explorer/MS Word,Excel 2007, MS explorer...). So you can't do anything. After restart everything is ok. I tried to hunt down the actin when this starts, but there is no error in system event viewer.
Have you ever experienced something like this?
I don't know if it's operation system or lenovo issue, but because i hadn't experienced this problem on desktop,XPpro based computers i suppose that it's lenovo's. I suppose it can be something with lenovo XP fixes (but i've got fully updated system via lenovo system update).
Thanks for some clues.

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Have a look at your Keyboard and press each button to make sure..

Non are sticking, did you drop any crumbs/drink or anything else onto your keyboard?. Get a moist (not wet) cloth and go over the keyboard.
Also give it a little shake to see if any bits of crumbs or anything else drops out.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Same problem with Lenovo ThinkPad R61 auto scroll down error

by flruiz2001 In reply to Lenovo ThinkPad auto-scro ...

I'm having the same problem. And this is a brand new machine. In my team there is another guy getting the same issue. A support guy told us about to replace the mouse, I made it but the error goes on.
This machine is Lenovo R61.
Any idea?

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It;'s the laptop's right mouse keys!!!

by gteachey In reply to Same problem with Lenovo ...

In our organization we have this issue on our T61s. It's either the one right below the space bar or below the touchpad(they like to alternate being the pain in the @$$). When it happens, go ahead and press one of those 2 keys, if it doesn't work, try the other. So far that's been the problem. My guess is that there's some hardware glitch causing the issue.

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Lenovo Thinkpad continuous scrolling prblem

by tabrun In reply to Lenovo ThinkPad auto-scro ...

I had the same problem but in the opposite directon (scrolling up) I thought rebooting was the only solution until I stumbled upon what I believe is the root problem: It seems that the touch pad sometimes "remembers" its last virtual scroll position even though the cursor moves when using an external mouse.

When it "remembers" that it was last scrolling down, all applications behave in the "scroll down" mode (really aggrevating when <CTRL>-<ScrollDown or ScrollUp> affects zooming of the application view). When I touch the touchpad and move away from the scroll zones, the cursor moves, and the scroll lock problem goes away.

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