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    Lenovo Thinkpad for gaming


    by pumper05sanity ·




    Is Thinkpads OK for games like FarCry, Fallout, Crysis and other single-player open-world games from a few years back?

    Im debating buying a gaming laptop (Lenovo legion, Dell G-series) to be safe and be able to game without any issue…

    I already have a Thinkpad docking station, and my current Thinkpad is 5 years old so I would preferably just want to update it to a new one as I mostly code on Linux when working, and to save money regarding the docking station.

    Should I am for a gaming laptop or is the “integrated GPUs” enough for these games?


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      by rproffitt ·

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      I’ve yet to find any Intel or AMD integrated graphics that gamers would say it’s fine for the games listed.

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      The latest ThinkPad might work!!

      by old molases ·

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      The new ThinkPads are fitted with Iris and I think it might work. As, I played fifa 22 on it and it worked just fine.

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