Less memory works - more doesn't

By paulinde99 ·
I have two machines that are running identical processes. One had 512K memory and the other has 2G memory.
The load process I do completes on the system with 512.
The load process stalls on script 522 when run on the system with 2G of ram.

The million dollar question. What could cause a system with more memory to fail? Thanks

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First off - No 2 machines are 'identical' ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Less memory works - more ...

So although they may both be running 'identical processes' THAT is as far as the similarity goes.

There are many ways in which the two systems will not be identical, any one of which may be the reason for the hiccup.

However, without more information as to the system specs involved, not to mention this elusive 'PROCESS' that you have yet to describe, and the definitive probability that this is some form of homework question, I'll desist from further exploratory comments on the basis of insufficient background information.

*To properly conform to Laboratory Standards for Testing Purposes you should first swap the RAM modules over, then run the sequence again. See which machine fails this time.

edited for afterthought *

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