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Lessons learned since 9/11

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Tell us what you think about Mike Talon's observations on the DR lessons organizations have learned since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, as featured in the Sept. 10 Disaster Recovery e-newsletter. What other DR lessons have (or haven't) your organization learned since this tragic event?

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by mquaack In reply to Lessons learned since 9/1 ...

I agree with your article. I work for an organization that "when" a disaster occurs in the future this company may find itself on the brink of bankruptcy. Year after year budgets are submitted for ?Business Continuity? but year after year removed byupper management. It seems that these people are ?promoted to the level of their incompetency?.

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I did not post the message above

by mikequaack In reply to Lessons learned since 9/1 ...

I did not post this message above. Someone is posting under my screen name.

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reader feedback

by editor's response In reply to I did not post the messag ...

Here's some feedback from one of our readers:

I was very impressed with Mr.Talon's article. He's absolutely right! I think the industry in general takes much to much for granted. This is the kind of situation that one had to be on top of 24-7. Besides the users mistakes, well meaning or otherwise, there is always the possibilty of failure of some kind. Electrical or mechanical or both are always waiting around the corner. As an IT professional in the field, I see this all the time. It can bea small office of 3 or 10 or a home office or a corporation of many thousands of individuals.

Stay on it Mr.Talon, maybe more people will begin to pay attention.

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Looks like a different person

by MikeTalonNYC In reply to I did not post the messag ...

The poster you refer to has a different screen name, though close to yours. If you have any doubts, check with the support area of this site for help.

Thanks for writing in.

Mike Talon

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question about performance

by gipzy77 In reply to Lessons learned since 9/1 ...

i'm agree about recovery after 9/11 but i have a question wich do u thing is the best hardware to implement for DR in a small bussisnes?

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Online services for SMBs

The are online backup services targeted at small to mid-size businesses. The prices are reasonable, especially if data is critical in your business. It's off-site and supported, so it's a good choice. Too many small businesses rely on backup tapesor disks, which are then stored on-site, so anything that happens to the building (i.e., flood, fire, etc.) also happens to the backups.

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Online? Costlier than Off-site tapes

by ghstinshll In reply to Online services for SMBs

I don't know about you guys, but I won't trust my data to any "online" service until hacking risks are eliminated. b asically, that'll never happen.

My real poitn here is that whether large or small, your backup tapes need to be rotated to an off-site storage facility every week. My office has 4-5tape sets, and every Monday an off-site storage facility comes and picks up my latest full week of tapes. This way, data is never lost past 3-5 days.

The only reason for a company to use an online service is if it's absolutely necessary to pay for a service to ensure that their data is never lost over a full day. Typically this is achieved in my strategy barring DR, and in case of DR, then we're within a week. Usually an entire overhaul of a project cannot happen within a week anyway.

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I love a debate!

by MikeTalonNYC In reply to Online? Costlier than Off ...

True indeed, online backup services are expensive, and if you're in a financial or securities firm, you will still have to use tape to meet SEC and FDIC requirements. However, find out how much one day's worth of lost data will cost, then weigh that against using online data protection systems.

Remeber that off-site online data protection IS something you can do yourself if your company has more than one office. Many products exist that allow you to replicate servers either with or withoutadditional hardware. It all comes down to needs versus budget, but there is a solution for every budget, so don't settle for less!

Mike Talon

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Welcome to the club

by draco vulgaris In reply to Lessons learned since 9/1 ...

Everyone is most concerned about the bottom line. The anticipated consequences of showing lower earnings are more frightening than the small probability that the business will be put out of business.

Everyone is going through the motions, right up to the point where they have to spend a significant amount of money. Then they start calculating the expense in terms of earnings per share!

The first high profile case in which the surviving officers and directors are held liable for their failure to make adequate plans should have a galvanizing effect.

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Remote Backup

by paperny In reply to Welcome to the club

I have been running a remote backup for over a year. My customers that use it love it. For more info

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