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Let MAC users have visibility of my PC

By amy ·
I have a new PC to put on the network and I have installed appletalk. I want this computer toi reside on my WINNT server but let the MAC users see this one PC to dump graphic files. I cannot seem to get the MACINTOSH file and print servers components installed in my LAN properties. Once I do that I still don't really know where to go. Can anyone help me?

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by johnj In reply to Let MAC users have visibi ...

I am confused. Please clarify some matters. What version of Mac OS are you using? Is the server the new PC, or is the new PC a workstation? What Windows versions are you using on these machines?

If you are using OS X on the Mac, your job will be easy. If it is OS 9 or lower, you have some work ahead of you.

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by amy In reply to Let MAC users have visibi ...

The new PC is a workstation. I have one MAC that is running OS 10.0 and the other 8 or so users are running MAC OS 9.0. From the one MAC OS 10 machine I can mount to my WINNT server where the new PC's domain resides, however I can not mount to the actual PC to drop files. I have tried all manners of permissions, but I cannot figure this one out. Thanks for your help.

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by John Q Public In reply to Let MAC users have visibi ...

There's one that I have had to deal with a while back...

There are a couple ways to accomplish this. First is upgrade your
Macintosh (running OS X 10.0) to 10.2 or higher, MacOS X 10.2
and above add SAMBA compliance to the Macintosh. The second
alternative is a Mac's Networking Swiss-Army Knife called "Dave"
from Thursby Software.


Dave is compatible with MacOS 8.6 and above (including OS X).
I've used Dave on my older Macintosh machines; although a
great piece of software, I gave it up for the more seamless
approach offered within OS X 10.2 and higher.

Changing the PC to suit the Mac is gonna cause nights of
headaches and hangovers. Only NT4 and 2000 have to necessary
Appletalk Protocols to allow communications with "Classic"
Macintosh. It is easier to adjust the Mac to talk to the PC's (and
relatively painless).

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