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Let Your Imagination Fly

By animatech ·
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Let Your Imagination Fly

by animatech In reply to Let Your Imagination Fly

What wonderful era we are living in we got broadband connection we can record TV programs and “PAUSE” them have a break come and watch from where we left or “Fast forward”.
We can talk through “VOIP” to everywhere and to anyone via our pc or a Bluetooth device. Wait until IPv6 will hit the net where we can prioritize packets and add extensions to packets and have a 128 bit addresses where we will have to write the IP address in HEX (I can only imagine a poor user trying to ping\configure a device).

Our desktops have duel\quad core CPU and 2 graphic cards connected with SLI or cross fire, I even read somewhere of a PC with 4 NVIDIA cards.
There is even a new revolution around the corner of programmable CPU (If you want to learn more read of the SPS3 CELL processor and the use of FPGAs).
You can get a motherboard with 2 separate SATA channels and can put up to 8 HDD with any kind of RAID you would like and I am not talking of all the huge HDD and great application and OS around.
I can even listen to my favorite radio station from the net and if I miss a program I can download the podcast.
I can read my favorite news paper (As I am leaving far a way from my home country and cannot get it here) over the net, and if I really like to I can take the laptop with me to the bathroom so I can read it over there (And in a few years once the OLED technology will mature we can just grab a OLED screen with us to wherever we will go of Corse it will have to communicate wireless but I am sure that there will be a solution to that as well).

But with all this development it seems that some basic stuff are not getting the attention they deserve

I still have to download pictures to my PC and publish them in an online album or sent them via e-mail to my mom who leave at another country which is a bit of a shame as I would love to get her a wireless frame and just to download a picture to the frame so she wont need to download & burn & develop them as it kind of frustrating to explain how to do that over the phone.
I would also love to see messenger or any other instant messaging application coming up with some sort of spell check so it will be a bit easy for persons that English is not their mother thong.

Have your say tell me what you think or what you would like to see as together we can change or tell me why I am wrong


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by animatech In reply to Let Your Imagination Fly

Why is it so hard to choose a motherboard?

The time has come to upgrade my PC I am using P3 750MGH\512MG with MMX4 Nvidia graphic card and had enough waiting for it to render some of my 3d projects.
Don’t get me wrong this machine has done more then I expected it to do (It is rendering almost non stop for the past 4 years + being used as a family PC and as a graphic design wkst and doing that happily) but I am now at a stage that I need more.
I decided to make this machine an internet\all family use PC and build my own graphic WKST.

It took a few days and some money calculations until I got the blue print for my new machine.
An AMD CPU preferably the 4200\4400 as I cannot afford the 4800.
1 200G WD HDD IDE - To use as a Storage\Server in an old machine running Linux.
2 80G WD SATA - Use in the new machine for graphic applications.
1 80G WD IDE - Use in the new machine for system files.

2G Kingston memory - Open for a change.

And then I came to the motherboard, Since I already knew which CPU I want it was a bit easy to choose the motherboard but this is where I got stuck I want the ASUS A8N-SLI 939 pin.
I have discovered that there are 3 flavors to that board the A8N-SLI, A8N-SLI-Premium and the A8N-SLI-Delux.
I manage to understand that 2 of the big differences between the A8N-SLI and the other 2 is that the first 1 has the SLI switch as a hardware while the other 2 are using a software switch and the other 2 include a 2nd SATA channel (There are a few more differences but I wont get into them just keep in mine that I wanted a fast board as well).

Have ruled the first 1 off I have tried to find the difference between the other 2 and still looking :) as I cannot tell why the Deluxe is 100A$ more then the Premium as both got the same specs.

I decided to reach for help can you explain to me why 1 is better then the other when both have the same specs?

Also if you have other suggestions for other hardware I'll love to hear from you.

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