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By aidemzo_adanac ·
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Forget what you know today about technology. Lets time warp back to the mid 1800's. Many men are in development of a new communication device to replace carrier pigeons, semaphore and morse code.

1843 and the texting device is created. For the next 100 years new texting devices come out, but people STILL find that everything they say is misunderstood due to the lack of voice inflection.
Because of standard network delays, it takes 2 minutes to say "YES" or "THANK YOU", it takes 10+ texts to simply arrange a meeting place, about 20 minutes to figure out when and where to meet up.

"No I can't be there at 2PM"
"What time CAN You be there"
"Not until 3:30"
"I can't be there at 3:30"
"when CAN you be there?"
"4:15 at the latest"
"That's too late"
"How about tomorrow?"
"I'm busy tomorrow"
"3PM Saturday?"
"That might work, I'll text you when I know more"


Circa 2005 some brilliant man invents a system where you no longer have to text each other but now you can TALK IN REAL TIME, LIVE, with your OWN VOICE!

It adds inflection and meaning, it's faster and more efficient/concise. What was once 20-30 confusing messages, mainly explaining what the last text actually meant, is now a 1 minute conversation where you can pick up on sarcasm, humour, being upset etc. The telephone, with real time voice communication, would be an absolute breakthrough, life would be SO much easier! Conversations would be SO much more efficient.

So why did we go backward?

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We went backwards...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Let's talk text

Because those big bad telco companies advertising said that sending a text is easier that dialing a phone number. Oh and by the way, they make a nice profit of texting too since you either have to pay per use (around 15 - 25 cents per text) or you have to add a plan to your phone (say minimum of $5 for 200 texts or an "unlimited" plan for only $20 per phone.)

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I got unlimited for 5 bucks

by Slayer_ In reply to We went backwards...

Considering how much less data a text message is vs a phone call, it still a rip off.

But, texting has one HUGE advantage. The character limit.
It keeps the girl friend from blathering on and on.

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She blathers?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I got unlimited for 5 buc ...

All I hear from her is contented sighs...

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Just stick a sock in it

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to She blathers?

Works for me, Slayer's never caught on yet, too busy playing WOW.

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Nah not Wow

by Slayer_ In reply to Just stick a sock in it

My current favorites are Vindictus and Star Trek Online.

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I don't care what you played

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Nah not Wow

As long as you didn't interrupt us.

All kidding aside, I'm sorry for making girlfriend implications, I don't know you or your better half so it's a bit out of line really. Just a little friendly TR banter, I think you are a big enough boy to deal with it though.

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just sayin...

by Slayer_ In reply to I don't care what you pla ...

The limit on text size helps keep women brief in their pointless chatter.

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My ex always complained

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to I don't care what you pla ...

She said I was always talking behind her back and pushing her around all the time.

I told her that if she wanted things to change, she'd have to get out of her wheelchair,

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He's here all week, folks!

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I don't care what you pla ...

Tip your waitress! Try the mutton!

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by Slayer_ In reply to I don't care what you pla ...

The flesh of sheep, esp. mature sheep, used as food.
sheep - lamb

That's not like haggis is it?

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