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LEVEL 3 Unplugged, hundreds of thousands affected and offline

By jhansen ·
i saw this story posted on about 5 minutes after my web host went down. Did anyone else hear anything about this?? I can't find anything else posted except here...

11:15PM October 20, 2005
Late this night, Level 3 carrier goes down. Thousands of sites affected. Of those we tested, Complex Drive was the only still up. Aplus, appears to be down.

We called the Level 3 NOC to report the problem to them and pose some questions.

Upon reaching the NOC and reporting the problem the engineer that was on the phone seemed supprised to hear that their core router was down.

We asked the question "were you hacked?" To which they did not deny the possibility that this was the case.

Minutes later, while watching the core router report we watched the router suddenly go completely off line and then come back up about 5 or 6 minutes later. It looks like they had to reboot their core router to get the problem fixed, said one source.

Minutes later, sites affected by the outage were slowly coming back online.

when we asked them if the problem was multi-national, they replied that yes, americas, europe and asia were affected.

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