Lexmark error!

By dghaus ·
Hi, I've got a mixed network of XP Pro and Win2k client machines with a win2003 server. Logon times for the win2k machines are appreciably slowed down due to a Lexmark print error (LMAAT2Pl), this doesn't happen to the xp boxes. I can't find any information anywhere on this, any help in resolving this would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance, Darryl

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Lexmark error!

The driver needs to be reinstalled for that relavent machine to work as it cannot communicate with the printer.Try mapping first.

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I think....

by dghaus In reply to driver

Even though I'm pretty sure it's a driver problem, I'm not sure how to correct it. I've updated and/or rolled back the driver to no avail. The printers are installed via script as the machines log on - there is no problem using the printers after logging on, its just a pain having this error slow down log on times. It's not a problem with XP

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definately a driver issue

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to I think....

It loads the driver like the network connections for that particular client.The client comunicates to tthe print server , so the problem is on the server,Completely remove the driver from the server and reinstall it.Rolling back the drive will only ware out an already worn inf file.You will have to map the printer again once you have completed the process.

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via script

by Sue T In reply to I think....

you say the driver is installed during logon with a script, does it delete when the person logs off? Have you tried installing the printer driver onto the machine locally to see if that fixes the problem? You don't have to keep the printer installed if you are limiting who has use to it by user but this would at least get the driver installed onto the machine locally and possibly fix the problem as the computer wouldn't have to do all this during logon.

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