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    Lexmark x6150 problems with Vista


    by raskew ·

    I am having problems with my Lexmark all in one printer to have the setup recognize the printer and fax with Vista. It worked with Windows XP. I would appreciate any help…

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      by raskew ·

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      You need the Vista Drivers as apposed to the XP Drivers

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Lexmark x6150 problems with Vista

      What you need is available on the Lexmark site here


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        Tried to get them without any results

        by raskew ·

        In reply to You need the Vista Drivers as apposed to the XP Drivers

        I have called Lexmark and Microsoft and neither have responded with a working solution to enable my printer to work in a Vista environment.

        I suggest that if anybody has a new computer purchase option to have Windows XP SP 2 do that in lieu of Vista.

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          What you want is located here

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to Tried to get them without any results

          On this Web Page you need to download the following file


          Also Vista Should support the Scanner function of this device as per the instructions provided by Lexmark.

          [i]The Vista drivers available on the Lexmark website do not contain the All-In-One Center. They are minimum drivers. Although the scan drivers are shipped with the web package, they cannot be used by the All-In-One Center since it is not included. Please use Windows Scanners and Cameras or Photo Gallery for Scanning.[/i]

          While it is a good idea to avoid Vista and use XP as it works and has a proven track record unlike anything related to Vista some people think that they need to use the newest M$ product so that they can tell M$ what doesn’t work correctly if at all.


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        Making Lexmark x6150 work with Vista Home Premium

        by ptpilot ·

        In reply to You need the Vista Drivers as apposed to the XP Drivers

        After many times installing and uninstalling
        Lexmark Vista Software (cjrX6100EN), the following worked for me:
        Uninstall X6150 software
        Go to
        Technical support
        Search the Knowledge Base
        enter “X6150 Vista Driver
        Click on “uninstall previous driver
        message that appears during install-
        ation of Windows Vista Driver”.
        (Click on this message even if you don’t
        get it)
        Follow instructions that come up.
        Important – Disregard the popup window
        that says the driver was unsucessfully

        Good luck!

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        It worked

        by mcse100 ·

        In reply to You need the Vista Drivers as apposed to the XP Drivers

        Thank you for this link, it finally worked. I did have to do some tweeking to make Vista and the x6100 play together. Here’s what I did: 1. Closed and unloaded all firewalls and virus protection. 2. Downloaded the driver for a 32 bit vista 3. Loaded the x6100 cd 4. Plugged in the USB. 5. Printed a test page (tried again with some hang up issues) so I rebooted. 5. Printed 3 test pages with no problems. 6. Enabled & reloaded virus protection and firewalls.

        My issue was my own fault from the beginning as I was trying to load a 64 bit driver in a 32 bit version of Vista! LOL…..

        Thank you

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          Your Welcome EOM

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to It worked


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      How I got Lexmark x6150 to work in Vista

      by derwyyn ·

      In reply to Lexmark x6150 problems with Vista

      Hi guys, I apologize in advance that I don’t have time to read this whole thread.. I just wanted to share with you guys a solution that worked for me as this was a great source of frustration for me.

      I tried many times to install the Vista drivers from the Lexmark website following their instructions which if I remember correctly involved disconnecting the printer. The last time I tried I was too exasperated to follow instructions.. and boom it worked. I did not disconnect the printer, did not close any open programs, did not do anything they said and it worked perfectly. Maybe it’s just some strange coincidence that they fixed it between one install and another though I’m doubting that.

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      how to fix lexmark problem with vista

      by technocrat25 ·

      In reply to Lexmark x6150 problems with Vista

      Phase 1: Eliminate all Lexmark software/drivers

      1. Disconnect the USB cable to the printer and open up the Control Panel. Go to Programs and Features and find the Lexmark software for your printer. Uninstall it. If it gives you any problems, try opening up Printers (under Control Panel), right-click on the Lexmark printer, and select ?Cancel All Documents?. If they don?t delete right away, restart your computer. You may need to connect the printer again to finish deleting the jobs from the queue. Make sure you disconnect the printer before trying to uninstall the Lexmark software again.
      2. Restart your computer.
      3. Go to Start, type in ?cmd? (without the quotes), right click on ?cmd.exe? and choose ?Run as Administrator?. Type in ?printmanagement.msc? and press Enter.
      4. Go to Action->Manage Drivers. If any Lexmark drivers are listed, click on each one and click ?Remove?? In the window that appears, choose ?Remove driver and driver package?. When you?ve finished removing any drivers, you can close the Print Management window.
      5. At this point, we should be rid of any leftover Lexmark crap. If you?re feeling extra cautious, you could go through and check your Program Files for any remnants, and maybe reboot your computer again.

      Phase 2: Reinstall drivers, the right way

      1. Okay, now this is the important part. We want to reinstall the printer drivers without using the Lexmark installer. First, download the appropriate drivers for your printer from Lexmark?s website. Make sure you choose the Vista drivers and also make sure you choose x32 or x64 drivers, depending on which version of Vista you are running. As of writing, this page allows you to locate the drivers for your printer. Lexmark?s download descriptions tend to be a bit confusing, so read carefully.
      2. Once you?ve downloaded the correct installer, go ahead and run it, but don?t go through the installation! When the installer starts, cancel out of it. If everything has gone well, we should be left with a new folder located at C:\drivers\printer\[insert your model here].
      3. Now we?re ready to plug in the printer. When you plug in the printer, Windows will try to locate the drivers for it. There are two possible outcomes: Windows searches Windows Update and finds the correct driver, in which case we need do nothing more; and the second outcome, Windows can?t find the correct driver, in which case we need to point it to the one we downloaded.
      4. At the first ?Found New Hardware? screen, choose ?Locate and install driver software?. If you are asked whether to search online, choose ?Yes, search online this time only?. If the window ?Windows couldn?t find driver software?? appears, choose ?Browse my computer for driver software? and navigate to C:\drivers\printer\[insert your model here]. Make sure that ?Include subfolders? is checked. Windows should then recognize and install the driver from that location.
      5. If everything goes successfully, you should now have a working printer. Try to print out a few documents and make sure it is working. If so, congratulations! You?ve managed to get your printer working with Vista. If not, read on for some more troubleshooting advice.

      For More Information and help click here

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