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Lexmark X83 networking

By ferrierj ·
I have a home user with a Lexmark X83. Works great with the USB. However, It won't network with the wife's Win98SE machine in the kitchen. It sets up fine according to the printer installation software and shares when asked. When they go to print anything the popup rises and the machine locks. Lexmark says they don't support Networking the X83. NOW they tell us!! Any assistance or ideas?

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possible fix

by AndyN In reply to Lexmark X83 networking

This may help

It is from Technet and deals with Win98
and not identifying USB printers.
Have a look on MS support

PSS ID Number: Q268656
Article last modified on 09-07-2001

Good luck

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MS vs Lexmark

by ferrierj In reply to possible fix

Looks good. Now all I have to do is get Lexmark and MS to actually talk to each other :)

Lee Ferrier

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Try other?

by AndyN In reply to Lexmark X83 networking

Ok pint taken.
At my last place of employment we did have several X83 printers and we used them on a Network. But they where connected via parallel port and then shared through the user. They did work in that config without any problem. I know thatdoes not help your current prob but you may need to consider it
Good luck

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Parallel port

by ferrierj In reply to Try other?

Thanks. That was the answer. I just had to buy a new printer cable :)
I appreciate the assistance. I was looking for the complicated answer, not the simple solution. After 25 years in this business you would think I'd have learned!

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Your very welcome

by AndyN In reply to Parallel port

The reason I did not suggest it in the first place is because of the unknown quantity of experiance on your part, if you get my drift.

But glad all turned out ok


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Lexmark X83 sharing between 2 computers

by tswadley In reply to Lexmark X83 networking

I have tried numerous times to share a printer between two computers via a USB hub. Last school year, this printer was shared but I am having an extremely hard time with it this year. Our OS has not changed and the way the printer is connected has not changed. Lexmark advises that it cannot be shared but I know it can because it was last school year. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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Parallel port?

by info In reply to Lexmark X83 sharing betwe ...

It appears that some of you have connected the X83 using a parallel printer cable rather than the USB, to enable sharing the printer over the network.
Don't know if I'm doing something wrong here, but I don't see a parallel port on the back of the printer. Does this mean that I need some sort of USB - Parallel converter???

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