LG BD-RE drive doesn't read DVDs

By jaymzkerten ·
I'm having issues getting my computer to be able to read DVDs. I have an LG GBW-H20L blu-ray SATA drive which seems to read CDs just fine, but I cannot get it to read DVDs (I'm unsure about its blu-ray capabilities as I currently do not have any blu-ray disks). I am currently running Windows 7 Ultimate RC on a custom built computer.

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Try booting off the Windows 7 Install Disc

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to LG BD-RE drive doesn't re ...

That's a DVD so if it runs the DVD Drive is OK but you may very well have issues with the OS once it is installed.

Depending on which type of 7 you are using 32 or 64 Bit I have heard some strange faults with the 64 Bit Versions of 7 which may be contributing to this issue.

They all relate to hardware just not working but when you change to a 32 Bit OS everything is perfect.


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No install disk

by jaymzkerten In reply to Try booting off the Windo ...

As I am still running off of the release candidate, I never had an install disk for the OS. Also, I'm running the 32-bit OS already.

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Well any Boot DVD will do here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to No install disk

But just how did you install 7 without a Install Disc. Every version that I have used from the earliest Beta to the RC all have come from M$ as ISO's that needed to be burnt to DVD.

Also I suppose that it's possible that your DVD Burner isn't supported by 7 though being a Blue Ray it's not likely. Did you at least first test this system with the Windows 7 Upgrade Adviser to see if all of the hardware was supported?


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No Bluray listed

by jaymzkerten In reply to Well any Boot DVD will do ...

I guess I don't really remember; I remember getting the ISO but I don't recall if I burned it to a disk that I can't find now or if I mounted it with an ISO loader, but I'll look into finding the image and burning it.

As for the upgrade advisor, it did not list my drive at all for compatibility, and when I went to check their hardware list on microsoft's site it did not list bluray drives at all anywhere.

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Well as I said above

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to No Bluray listed

I didn't think that the Blue Ray Drive would be a problem as these are too new.

However it is just possible that it's an Issue I remember years ago with a CD Burner that caused the partition Information to be wiped when you applied SP1 for XP. That Samsung Drive was listed as Compatible with the Service Pack though after much pain & suffering it wasn't.


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