LG r500 Video Card

By herroplz ·
So my Video RAM died on my card the other day so I went about looking for a replacement card for my laptop. And no it is not integrated. Question is, does anybody know if the video RAM is located on the motherboard or the subboard that is above the motherboard?

Thanks in advance,

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For the sake of simplicity

by seanferd In reply to LG r500 Video Card

Which exact NB is it?

Or, which exact (probably nVidia) card is it?

If it really is an add-on card, RAM would probably be on the card, bu I couldn't say for sure.

How do you know video RAM went bad?

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If this is your NB

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to LG r500 Video Card


The Video Memory should be part of the Video Card. But I'm not sure that this is exactly your Model.


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LG r500

by herroplz In reply to If this is your NB

Yeah that is the correct model. I ran some tests that all pointed to the video ram being bad. Also, I hooked up to an external monitor and got nothing. Now if only I could find a replacement card for the Nvidia Geforce 8600m GS for the LG. Which I have found nothing so far...

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As with all NB's you need to replace the bad Card

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to LG r500

With the same make & Model card to get this working again.

I would however pull the NB apart to make sure that there isn't something that has come loose or got contaminated along the way. Quite often with removable items the Contacts can get dirty and stop working properly or it could simply have been slightly dislodged.

Removing and refitting the card will almost always cure the problem if that is what has happened. Software tests are only good enough to point you to a possible problem after you have first visually inspected the unit.

You could also check the NVidia Site for possible recalls of your Video Chip Set I'm not sure which Chip Sets are affected by NVidia had a entire bunch that where causing problems not so long ago.


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Bad Card

by herroplz In reply to As with all NB's you need ...

I spent a couple hours last night tearing apart my computer and putting it back together with no luck. The card itself seemed fine and the results were the same when I turned the computer back on.

As for the 8600m series, it seems as if most, if not all, of these cards were effected by bad soldering. I think I'm off to buy a new computer, cause even if I replace it with one of these cards its most likely to die again anyways..

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Silly Question No #1 ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to LG r500 Video Card

You've 'seen' this daughter-board have you?

Only, in my experience of multiple makes and models of laptop with bespoke mobile graphics 'cards' (both ATI/AMD Radeon-M & Nvidia GeForce-Go), they've invariably had their own RAM but not their own board. They usually co-exist somewhere within the motherboard, usually because the chassis isn't deep enough for mounting a daughter-board.

But if you've physically seen yours then it's clearly different.


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