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    Licence for Terminal 2003 Server


    by alexr ·

    I want to use my 2003 Server as Terminal to let 15 users connect from Wise Teminals stations. Right now I got 5-user OEM Licence. What kind of Licence should I purchase?

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      How many concurrent users?

      by jdclyde ·

      In reply to Licence for Terminal 2003 Server

      Will they all be connecting at the same time, or will they be in and out?

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        by alexr ·

        In reply to How many concurrent users?

        15 terminal users at the same time. Ten more will use this server as file server.

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          Try the MS website

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to 15+10

          Honestly, if you are used to the licensing model from previous versions, its changed in 2003 and the website is pretty good.

          My understanding, you would need 25 server cals (unless your workstation OS provides you with one like XP) and 15 TS CALs. But you can either use per user or per device cals(but not both). Concurrency is no longer an issue.


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