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By ttg4572 ·
Does anyone know of or have an Access template of a software license compliance database? I am not concerned with hardware, I only want to be able to see the product name, product key, number of licenses owned, and how many are in use. Any of your suggestions would be helpful!

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Any specific type of software?

by Susan1979 In reply to License Compliance Softwa ...

Or do you want all your licenses in one sheet?

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Software Response

by ttg4572 In reply to Any specific type of soft ...

This would be used to track all licenses, such as OS, Office, Autocad, etc. I did find a discussion on here that had a link to an access template but the link was dead.

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So I found..

by Susan1979 In reply to Software Response

A couple things.

Here's one:

Its a free asset management software that also does all licensing.

As far as access templates, I found an asset tracking template on the MS website here:**033.aspx?pid=CT101426031033

If that's not what you're looking for, please let me know and I'll look some more when I get a few minutes.

Good luck! I know asset management's a pain.

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by ttg4572 In reply to So I found..

Thanks for the help! I had already come across service desk plus and am evaluating it right now, and the access db I currently use for managing hardware assets.
I am really looking for something simple that anyone can use, I may end up creating a spreadsheet with several columns that will calculate the number of licenses owned and will deduct the number of licenses in use to show compliance.

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