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By a4301 ·
I am geting message on boot for my license key with no way to respond.
How do I find out what is wanted and respond if I don't know where the message is coming from. I don't know how to stop the message, or find the info they want. All I can think of is getting software to search for the source and eliminate it. The message first says error, then a second message is a 26 character license key possibly for my microsoft windows software.

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Which OS?

by fungus-among-us In reply to License key

I'm going to assume you're talking about Windows XP (home or Pro doesn't make a difference). Are you sure you have a legitimate copy of Windows on that PC? Is it an "off-the-shelf" or mail order system? Most of those will have the Windows COA sticker somewhere on the case.

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by Kiltie In reply to License key

This is a well know tactic for a certain type of malware/virus.

It tries to trick you into entering a key, so it can be forwarded on.

Can you boot at all? Such as Safe Mode (Press F8 a lot)
If so, try an AV scan, or SpyBots S&D, in meantime, I'll try and remember which one it might be.

The message could be genuine, but from your description, without evidence that that it is a genuine OS message, I have doubts.
Try and post back with the EXACT wording please.

Do you have access to another computer with a CD Burner? Can this one boot from a CD?

Edited: To add emphasis, and to add that I have found at least one worm that does this, but note that it may still be a genuine message, we need the exact wording please. The normal MS key is 5 groups of 5 characters, ie 25 (not 26), however you are NEVER asked this at boot time, only when installing.

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