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    License problem on NT


    by bbeach ·

    Every once and a while I get a message in the event log saying my NT Server is out of licenses. When I check the license administrator it shows that some of my licenses have been consumed by users who have been deleted from User Manager. I delete the license from license administrator and after awhile the same deleted user consumes a license. Any help would be appreciated.

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      License problem on NT

      by guy ·

      In reply to License problem on NT

      Some ideas are: Switch to per seat licencing, especially if you have more than one server.
      My favourite is to go to the Control Panel Services, and turn off the Licence Logging. The bonus is that it speeds up your server – fractionally!

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      License problem on NT

      by phinaddict ·

      In reply to License problem on NT

      The license service uses the following files to store license data:

      – Purchase history: %systemroot%\System32\Cpl.cfg

      – Connection history: %systemroot%\System32\LLS\Llsuser.lls

      – Group information: %systemroot%\System32\LLS\Llsmap.lls

      These files are created when the License Manager service starts.

      To reset the License Manager information:

      1. Stop the License Logging service.

      2. Delete or rename the following files on the primary domain controller or the enterprise server:


      3. Restart the License Logging service.

      4. Re-add the appropriate license information.

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      License problem on NT

      by yorkster ·

      In reply to License problem on NT

      the easist why to deal with it is to shut down license service. as long as you have enough licenses you don’t need the buggy service running and consuming resources.

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      License problem on NT

      by rravanelli ·

      In reply to License problem on NT

      From TechNet

      This article is an addendum to the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge

      Q153140 How to Reset License Manager Information

      Fully resetting License Manager information throughout an enterprise may very
      well require not only deleting the relevant files on the primary domain
      controller (PDC) or “Enterprise Server,” but actually deleting the license
      service files on EVERY server that participates in the license replication.

      A batch file has been written that, combined with the NETDOM, NETSVC, and REG
      utilities from the Windows NT Server 4.0 Resource Kit, will automatically
      discover all servers engaging in license replication, and, through iteration,
      stop the License Logging Service (LLS), delete the associated LLS files, restart
      the service, and queue LLS replication to take place immediately. In an
      enterprise environment this will significantly reduce the amount of work
      involved in this task.


      Here is an overview o

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