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    License reusing


    by infosystems ·

    How can I reuse a license I used on someone, that I now am deleting?

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      License reusing

      by johnwhite ·

      In reply to License reusing

      What is the license you are trying to re-use? Is it the Netware license? If so, what version of Netware?

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      License reusing

      by shaneh ·

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      Assuming 4.x, licenses are connection based. A user who connects to a resource ie drive mapping, consumes a license. The number of user objects in your tree is irrelevant. You could have 1000 users in your tree and a 100 user license on your server. Only 100 (max) users could connect. The other 900 would have to wait for a free connection. Just delete the user (should disable for a week or so then delete).


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