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LicenseService 2k/2k3 + Citrix Issues

By TJWood ·
Hello All,

Every day we are getting LicenseService Event 202 entries logged on the 2003 servers with:

The product Windows Server is out of licenses. Use Licensing from the Administrative Tools folder for more information on which users are out of compliance and how many licenses should be purchased.

Also the same entries for:

The product Windows NT Server is out of licenses.
The product Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server is out of licenses.
The product IIS 5.0 is out of licenses.

This is interesting as we don't use Exchange 2000 anymore (this was replaced with a Exchange 2003 server over a year ago).

The 2000 (SP4+) Servers are all reporting a LicenseService 213 event:

Replication of license information failed because the License Logging Service on server \\xxxxxx could not be contacted.

So.. After reading everything I have checked several things. Basic IP connectivity and a dcdiag, I expected and found no problems with these.

After this I went on to read many suggestions about just turning off the 'License Logging Service' on the 2000 and 2003 servers as its known to be flaky, isnt required and is to be dropped by MS in the next windows release.

My understanding was that the LLS only gives a 'display' of your Licensing status and disabling the service won't break licensing as such and stop servers/apps from running? Is this correct?

More info about this here:;en-us;824196

So, I presented these findings to my Team leader with a view to disabling the License Logging Service but he raised a few concerns.

We also run Citrix Presentation Server on a couple of Windows 2000 SP4+ boxes and theres some concern that they actually require the LLS running on our 2003 DC or Citrix clients will have problems logging in etc.

As we cant really just experiment with a clients live site, I'm hoping someone here can give us some informed opinions on

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by TJWood In reply to LicenseService 2k/2k3 + C ...

Come on experts give us your advice :)

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by aleyj In reply to LicenseService 2k/2k3 + C ...

MS Terminal Services, & Therefore Citrix, needs to have access to 'Terminal Services Licencing' not LLS, this is a seperate service. I run Citrix quite successfully with the local LLS services disabled, however, you should have at least one server running the TSL service otherwise in around 90 days your clients will not be able to log on, they will get licensing errors (If memory serves me right, there is a 90 day grace period). You use the TSL interface to add your licences, these can be added over the internet or via telephone from the MS clearinghouse.

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by TJWood In reply to

Hello HTH,

Your answer was spot on, we have only just implemented the change across 14x 2000 servers and the LLS has stopped complaining, Citrix clients can still of course log on with no issues. Thank you for confirming my thoughts and taking the time to reply we really DO appreciate it.

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by TJWood In reply to LicenseService 2k/2k3 + C ...

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