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Licensing & Disk Image Distribution

By Jeff Tate ·
I'm using a disk imaging software to create a master image of my W2k workstations. The master system is prepared for imaging using Ms-Sysprep, and then an image is taken of the master system. The interesting issue is that all of the cloned systemshave the same serial numbers for all of the software that was on the Master System. I could have allowed sysprep to prompt for the serial number, but I wanted the imaging process to be as "hands-off" as possible.

My question is: given the above system setup, how do folks actually track licensing. If I use an automated auditing tool, all of my systems will show up with the same license.

BTW: the actual licensing isn't a problem - I've got plenty of licenses for everything, It's just maintaining the records that I trying to work out.

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Don't worry

by LordInfidel In reply to Licensing & Disk Image Di ...

Don't be concerned about the actual keys themselves.

Generally in a corp enviroment, you use only 1 cd key anyways.

If you purchased your licenses thru a vendor, then they should of have enrolled you in open licence.

MS does not care reallyabout the keys themselves, just that you have the license.

You can have the same key installed on 1000 machines. As long as you have 1000 licenses of the product, that is all that matters.

I only "ever" use 1 cd-key. Everything else remains sealed in it's packaging. This is true of non-ms products, such as Adobe and Macromedia products.

Hope this helps.

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by admin In reply to Don't worry

Just thought it may help to have multiple heads nodding yes :)

MS has assured me multiple times, it's not the key, it's the EULA.

Open license makes it easy, or keep the box, Eula and cd's locked up.

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